Afghan Biographies

Khan, Rohullah

Name Khan, Rohullah
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Militia Commander Warlord Kandahar
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Rohullah Khan oversees roughly 250 guards who protect private convoys with an arsenal of rocket launchers, AK-47s and heavy machine-guns. During the past year, 50 of his guards have been killed in battle with the Taliban, he says. He and his fighters live in "commando district" in Kandahar City which is home to hundreds of well-armed men who once filled out the militias of regional warlords. One fighter earns up to 300 US $ per month, which is plenty of money for young men in Kandahar.  Khan says newly trained recruits to Afghanistan's national army and police force, not to mention soldiers from Canada, the U.S. or elsewhere, are not interested in this sort of front-line security.

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