"It is preferable to publish a work about Afghanistan (relatively quickly) and spend many years improving it ... than to spend many years in seclusion in an effort to attain a perfection which may never be reached!"

How to use this Database:

Different latinized transliteration and spelling of Afghan names and words into English has been duly observed considering all known spelling options.

If the requested name should not show up and if you do not succeed finding the word in the in alphabetic order name list you can browse the complete database using the field full text search. You will get a list of all documents which have your key word included.

You can assort the database after each category up or down by clicking the certain item on top of a column


Content of Database:

Due to the development in Afghanistan for security reasons we had to take down the previous database containing files starting 2001 to 2021 August.

September 2021 we have started to build a new database with names of relevant Taliban leaders and Taliban linked persons as well as important names, facts and figures related to actual Politics, Economy, Science, Security and Development.


Sorry for inconvenience.