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Hope and Change Omid wa Taghir

Name Hope and Change Omid wa Taghir
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Opposition Group National Alliance for Hope and Change
History and Biodata

A opposition alliance, Omid wa Taghir (National Coalition of Hope and Change), was established by Dr Abdullah after the 2009 presidential election and announced 20100219. Abdullah said the new movement would unite various deputies and political parties "throughout" Afghanistan with an agenda including electoral reform and "a more decentralised system" of government for the country. Rabbani’s Jamiat is a member of the alliance. Dr Abdullah said he was backing more than 300 of the 2580 candidates running for the 249 lower house seats on 20100918 elections and had helped many fundraise for their campaigns. Abdullah, the leader of the ‘Coalition for Change and Hope' said on 20100921 that his party will win almost 100 seats of the 249 seats in the parliamentary elections 2010. afghan-bios view: It is questionable if a push to establish Afghanistan's first formal political opposition out of the ashes of the old Northern Alliance could gain momentum. A new opposition formed out of the old Northern Alliance lines is unlikely to draw mass support because it remained a coalition along ethnic lines.

The Alliance has been renamed into National Coalition of Afghanistan.(20111222)

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