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Khalid, Mohammad Qasim Sheikh

Name Khalid, Mohammad Qasim Sheikh
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Nimroz
History and Biodata

1. Former Provincial Governor Nimroz Nimruz :
Mullah Mohammad Rasoul Governor of Nimroz province during the Taliban rule (1996-2001)
Abdul Karim Brahawi (2001 - 2005),
Dr. Ghulam Dastagir Azad (2006 - 20100800),
Abdul Karim Barahawi (20100824-20120919 )
Mohammad Sarwar Subat Sabat (20120920-20140310)
Amir Muhammad Akhunzada (20140312, 20150519)
Eng. Muhammad Samiullah Mohammad Sami Mohammad Sami Tasal (20150519, 20170513, 20180101)
Dr. Sayed Wali Sultan (20180915, 20190224)
Mullah Abdul Khaliq Abed (20211031)
Mawlawi Najibullah Rafi (20211107)

Sheikh Mohammad Qasim Khalid (20231128, 20240101)

Ahmad Arab (20170619)


Deputy Governor: 
Malang Rasuli (200605),
Muhammad Qasim Khedri Haji Qaasim Khedri Mohammad Qasim Qadri (20110919, 20120603)
Rohullah Gul Khairzad (20210806)

Abdul Qayum Rohani, deputy governor of Nimroz (20240105)

Asssistant Deputy / Social Deputy:
Mrs. Roh Gul Khairzad (20201206)

Head of provincial Natural Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs:

Mawlawi Mohammad Qasim Mohammad (20221221)
Provincial head of Refugees and Repatriation department of Nimruz:
Mawlavi Sadiqullah Nasrat (20221022)

Director Hajj and Islamic Affairs:
Former Director Haj and Islamic Affairs Maulawi Sarwar Baloch was assassinated on 20121115 evening outside his home
Maulvi Saeed Nazir Ahmad Sadat (20110303)
Mulavi Hezbullah (20210809)

Director of the provincial department of information and culture:
Mufti Habibullah Elham (20220123)
Provincial director of Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice:

Abdul Ghafar Farooq,
Head of technical and vocational education in Nimroz:

Abdul Hadi Bidar (20221003) 

Director of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock Department
Mohammad Akbar Sharifi (20110625, 20121210)

Head of the provincial counter-narcotics department:
Mohammad Anwar Muradi (20110107)

Provincial health Department chief for Nimroz province:
Dr Nur Ahmad Noor Ahmad Sherzad (20110107, 20111224)

Mawlavi Abdul Rahman Abdullah (20230621)
Women Affairs Department Director:

Mrs. Amina Hakimi (20110405, 20121024, 20160918)

Agriculture agriculture, livestock and irrigation director:
 Akbar Sharifi (20111113, 20170427)

Head of the Customs Department of Nimroz, 
Elhammuddin Mozhar (20121009)
Head of Traffic department:
Hajji Zayee(20150513)
Nimroz justice department head:
Azizullah Basir (20170427)
Head of the Nimroz water supply network:
Maulvi Ehsanullah (20211211)

2. Previous Function:
Provincial Governor Kunar (20210921)
Deputy minister of tribal and border affairs (20221100)
Provincial Governor Kabul (20221130, 20230721)
Provincial Governor Nimroz (20231128)

3. Biodata:

Maulvi Sheikh Mohammad Qasim Khalid Sheikh Mohammad Qaseem Khalid Sheikh Mohammad Qasim Khalid.

(?Guantánamo prisoner Khaled Qassim (aka Khalid Qasim) According to his birthdate in the Pentagon’s records, he has just marked his 45th birthday, and in May will have been held at Guantánamo for 20 years without charge or trial.(20220125?)

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Established 2023-11-29