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Ziayee, Khalilullah Gen

Name Ziayee, Khalilullah Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Commander of 303rd Spinghar Regional Northern Zone
History and Biodata

1. Former Commander of 303rd  Spinghar Regional Northern Zone:
Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai (till 20100901),
Maj. Gen. Daud Daud (20100901 - 20110528 killed)
Gen Baba Jan (20110713 -20151015)
Maj Gen Asadullah Sherzad (20151015, 20171024, 20180512)
Brig. Gen. Khalilullah Ziai (20180512)

Deputy Commander:
Ali Razayie (2010)
Brig Gen Rahmanuddin (20170925)
Gul Agha Rohani (acting commander) 20180415

303rd Police Zone Spokesman:
Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai (20110411)

Head of gender and human rights issues in the ANP’s 303 Spinghar:
Colonel Najiba is the only women in the north to have reached senior rank (20110929)

Crime branch chief for the 303rd Spinghar Zone:
Mohammad Inam Hoshmand (20120109)

2. Previous Functions Gen Khalilullah Ziaee Ziaiyi Ziayee General Khalil Zeyayi :
Commander Highway Police (2005)
Provincial Police Commander Nangahar (20051006)
Provincial Police Commander Faryab (20071018)
Provincial Police Commander Kunar
(20090228, 20100926, 20110517)
Provincial Police Commander Parvan Parwan (20140417)
Provincial Police Commander Nuristan (20150518-20151012)
Provincial Police Commander Paktika (20160612-20170819)
Commander 808th SPINZAR Police Zone (20170820-20180512)
Commander 303rd Police SPINGHAR Zone (20180512)

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