Afghan Biographies

Ayubi, Qari Salahuddin

Name Ayubi, Qari Salahuddin
Ethnic backgr. Uzbek
Date of birth
Function/Grade Taliban’s deputy governor Badghis province
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Qari Salahuddin Ayubi aka Qari Rahimullah hails from Almar District, Faryab. He is Taliban’s deputy governor for Badghis province, was held along with seven other associates in Nasrullah Khan Chowk area, Quetta, Pakistan. (20201202)

Qari Salahuddin served as the Faryab province’s shadow governor and head of the provincial military commission from 2013 to September 2015 when he was captured by the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS), reportedly in Herat province on his way to Kandahar. Ayubi had mobilised hundreds of fighters against government forces in Faryab and established a special training camp for them in Dawlatabad district, known as ‘Ayubi’s Camp’. There, according to sources close to the Taleban, dozens of military experts teach local fighters how to fire light weapons and rocket propelled grenade launchers and give them physical training. In December 2014, the Taleban released the first of a series of videos featuring the camp which showed fighters training, with some fighters firing rifles from moving vehicles. One of the trainers interviewed spoke in Uzbeki about the military training on offer. Other videos featured Salahuddin delivering speeches, again in Uzbeki, about the value of ‘jihad’ and encouraging fighters, not only in Faryab, but all over the country (the video is no longer available in Taleban’s official website).(20170317)

Skepticisms rose after an ex-Taliban designated governor Qari Salahuddin escaped from a jail run by members of the Afghan intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security, in Faryab province. Based on reports, Salahuddin who spent four years in NDS detention has rejoined the Taliban on the battlefield. Following the dramatic escape of Salahuddin, over 80 members of the Afghan National Army (ANA) were also released from a Taliban jail in Qaisar district of Faryab, a development which has fueled rumors that release of ANA forces and civilians from the Taliban custody might be related to the release of the Taliban member. “People have doubt that Qari Salahuddin was released as a result of a political deal and named it escaping. People know that Qari Salahuddin returned to Faryab and is engaged in his destructive activities,” said former Faryab governor Rahmatullah Turkistani. Salahuddin] was an influential guy in the area. He has power and influence. (20190611)


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