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Owner and Head of Khan Steel Factory Khan Steel Mill Chairman Khan Steel Company:
Haji Khan Mohammad Wardak (20170106, 20181003)

Khan Mohammad Wardak is also the owner of Top Wall company, New Baghram Road, Kabul. Khan Mohammad Wardak became Executive Board Member of Afghan International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on 2016. Wardak is the President of Hewad Dost Group of Companies that leading’s Fuel, Logistics and general trading in Afghanistan.
Khan Mohammad Wardak, head of the Khan Steel Mill who laid the foundation stone of the project, said the factory currently produced 200,000 tons of steel annually, meeting 30 percent of country’s steel need.(20181003)

Khan Muhammad Wardak, owner of one of Afghanistan’s biggest companies, Khan Steel, and also in the contracting business stands for a Wolesi Jirga seat 2018. (20181018)

The private iron melting and steel production firm Khan steel was inaugurated by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai during a ceremony. Khan Steel, has been established by  Khan Mohammad Wardak in the industrial park of Kabul with a total investment of around $30 million. The factory will start iron production in accordance with the international standards and procedures. The newly-built steel plant, the Khan Steel, at the Pul-e-Charkhi in the eastern edge of Kabul. The Khan Steel factory was set up in an area of 15 jerib land.

Wardak said that the factory will produce enough iron to respond up to 30 percent of the construction needs of the country. He called on government leaders to help the iron melting and production sector to boost its outcome, specifically by providing access to the scrap metal belonging to the ministry of defense. Speaking during the ceremony, President Ghani Ahmadzai said the steel production in Afghanistan has reached to 220 thousand tons during the current year 2017 as six firms are actively operating in this sector.

Ghani further added that meetings will be organized with the ministry of defense to resolve the issues pertaining to the scrap metals of the ministry of defense as well as easing access to iron ores in the country. (20180106)

Established with a capital of 30 million U.S. dollars in 2015, the Khan Steel is the fifth steel factory in the war-torn Afghanistan.

The newly-inaugurated factory will have a daily production of 400 tons of steel rods out of scrap steel, according to owner Khan Mohammad Wardak. In the future, the company will use iron ore mines to produce steel.

The factory has also provided job opportunities for 500 people directly and for hundreds of thousands others indirectly.

Thousands and even millions of tons of scrap steel including destroyed military tanks, armored personnel carriers, military vehicles and even war planes have been left from over more than three decades of war and civil strife in Afghanistan.

Right now there are at least 600 domestic workers and 100 Turkish, Indian and Iranian workers in this factory producing more than 200 tonnes of iron bars daily.

The company won the largest contract of MoD during a major annual summit in the presence of the president and a number of members of the cabinet.

The persons in charge at the factory says that the contract from MoD is a single source contract and claims that they have obtained this contract based on the basis of transparency, high capacity, and good tax revenue compared to other steel mills in the country. But, despite repeated requests by PAYK, they refused to provide documents on the legality of the contract.(20210314)



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