Afghan Biographies

Jurat Abdulhai General

Name Jurat Abdulhai General
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Government Official
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Military general and former chief the Military Attorney of Kabul
3. Biodata:
Gen Abdulhai Jurat Abdul Hai Jurat was jailed for 30 months besides the court awarded a fine of AFN 50,000 after he was convicted of involvement in corruption during the special tribunal. Abdulhai Jurat however claimed the issue was a plot against him, but the court announced its verdict after assessing all documents against the military attorney – including a recording taken when he accepted the bribe. "We have found that 50,000 Afs was taken from his [Abdulhai's] left pocket and was thrown in a garden. He was arrested on the spot," said Atiqullah, an attorney. "Mr. Attorney claims that I was arrested with the money, while there were several meters distance between me and the money. It was not taken from my pocket or desk or my hand," said Abdulhai Jurat, the accused, in testimony. At the end of the hearing, Sher Aqa Munib, head of the ACJC primary court announced the verdict and said: "According to article 255 of the penal code, you Abdulhai Jurat son of Abdul Shokur are sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment and you are fined 50,000 Afs."(20161120)

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Established 2016-11-20