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Khaliq, Abdul Lt Gen

Name Khaliq, Abdul Lt Gen
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1950
Function/Grade First Deputy Minister to the MoD
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
1975-1980, Instructor, Kabul Reserve Training School, Kabul, Afghanistan
1980-1981, Head of Operational Department, 444th Commando Regiment, Kabul,Afghanistan
1981-1983,  Commander, 444th Commando Regiment,Nangarhar,Afghanistan
1983-1985, Deputy Commander, 9th Division, Konar Province, Afghanistan
1985-1987, Commander, 2nd Division, Kapisa Province, Afghanistan
1987-1988, Deputy Commander, 1st Corps, Kabul, Afghanistan.
1990-1991, Deputy Commander, Kabul Garrison, Kabul, Afghanistan
1991-1992, Commander, 40th Division, Bagram District, Afghanistan
1993-1996 , Member of Rehabilitation Commission for the Afghan National Army
1996-2001,  Break in service. 2000-2001 Pakistani residency
2001-2003, Chief of Staff, Central Corps, Kabul,Afghanistan

2003-2005 , Director for Strategic Planning (MoD)
2005 -2012, Commander 203rd Thunder Corps, Gardez, Paktia, Afghanistan
2012-2015, General Staff Director
2015-Present First Deputy Minister (MoD)

3. Biodata:
Lt Gen Abdul Khaliq Sarwary son of Muhammad Sarwar was born 1950. 1962 he went to Paghman primary School ,Kabul. In 1968 to Military High School, Kabul, where he was awarded Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anti-Aircraft Artillery, Army University, Kabul in 1971. 1990 Masters of Military Science in Strategic Profile، Moscow, Russia. Other qualifications:  1971-1974 National Defense Academy, India (Infantry),  1975 Indian Military Academy, India (Infantry) 1977 Young Officers Course and commando (Y O – 24) Infantry school India 1982 Special Mission Course, Moscow,Russia 1990 General Staff Academy of the USSR, Moscow,Russia 2002 NESA(North East South Asia) center for Strategic Studies, Washington, D.C. (USA) 2002 International Military Course on Law of Armed Conflict, Italy(Sand Remo)

He speaks Dari, Pashtu, English, Russian.

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