Afghan Biographies

Khaliq, Abdul Nawroz Maj Gen

Name Khaliq, Abdul Nawroz Maj Gen
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Afghan National Kabul Police Academy Commander
History and Biodata

1. Former Commanders of the Afghan National Police Academy:
Lieutenant General Sayed Mohammad Qudusi (20100806),
Maj Gen Abdul Nawroz Kahliq Nawroz Khalil (20120109, 20120717)
General commander of the Kabul Police Academy, Prof. Gen. Sayed Noorullah Zal (20140203)

Deputy head of Police Academy:
Major General Shah Wali Sapi (20101002)

Other Officers in the Police Academy:
Major General Timor Shah (2010102)
Major General Nawroz Khaliq (2010102)
Brigadier General Abdul Wasi (20101002)

The Academy and its training centers are graduating a new generation of police officers that is providing immediate ANP leadership where it's most needed in the many provinces and districts where the Afghan National Police Force is serving.

For example, 1,889 officers graduated from the ANP Academy training on Jan. 22, 2011. The Officer Candidate School graduates deployed to ANP assignments nation-wide after completing an intense 797-hour course comprising instruction on leadership, use of force, human rights, values and ethics, law, counter insurgency, investigation, advanced first aid, checkpoint security, logistics and communications.

The Police Academy in Kabul was refurbished with the aid of Germany in 2002..

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