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Participants of the Afghan peace talks in the Maldives (19.-21. May 2010) at Paradise Island Resort, a luxury holiday island. It was an Afghan Taliban, Hezb-e-Islami, clerical leaders and government officials meeting, which was Iran backed. A Taliban statement e-mailed to reporters 20100521 said those at the talks claiming to be from the Taliban are no longer active members and have “surrendered” to President Hamid Karzai’s government. Between 40 and 45 persons attained the peace talks. Seven were Ex-Taliban and 14 are related to the Afghan government, some of them are Afghan parliamentarians from major political parties. Backgrounds: 1. Senior islamic Khalid Dod Dad, served as a financial controller in the Kabul municipality during Taliban time. He is now siding with the Karzai Government. Dod says, he is continuing the political Jehad against the invaders with words and not with weapons. He claimes to be a chief cleric of three Afghan provinces and he told Al Jazeera he will be giving advice to Taliban leaders in Afghanistan after the meeting. 2. Gullbadsha Majdidi Gul Bacha Majidi, an Afghan MP attending the meeting as well, emphazised the importance of the involvement of women in the peace process. He campaigned for Hamid Karzai in the Presidential Elections 2009. 3. Humayoun Jarir Jareer, the son-in-law of Gulbadin Hakmatyar, an Ex-Afghan warlord and leader of the Hezb-e-Islami party, who has organized the meeting. Jareer also led the Iran-backed parleys, as he wanted to be recognised as an opposition leader, analysts believed. 4. Gulbadin Hekmatyar has sent his son, Feroz Hekmatyar,

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A first meeting had taken place in Maldives on January 23-34, 2010. Participants: Among others 10 members of parliament, 1. Sayed Jamal Fakori Beheshti, Afghan parliament member from Bamyan Province, who chaired the meeting, 2. Hekmatyar's son, Feroz Hekmatyar, 3. Hekmatyar's son-in-law Jarir, 4. Maulavi Momine, a cleric, 5. an Islamabad university professor named Wazin 6. Haji Ubaidullah Achakzai, 32, a member of parliament from Spin Boldak. 7. - 8. G. Farooq Moslemyar and M. Mujahideen representing the Taliban.

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