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Khwaja Omari district Ghazni province

Name Khwaja Omari district Ghazni province
Ethnic backgr.
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Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief District Council
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Chief of Kwaja Omri Khwaja Umari district Ghazni district:
Qasim Disiwal Desiwal (20100126), killed in a road site bomb attack (20110626)
Dost Ali Shams (20110713, 20180412) killed during a predawn Taliban attack (20180412)

District Police Chief:
Ahmad Zia (20120614) was on a patrol in the Haji area when the blast ripped through his vehicle, injuring him and his guards.
Hadi Moyid (20140610) killed by roadside bomb (20140625)
District head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) of Khwaja Omari:
Baryalai Rezai (201806) killed

Chief of Khwaja Omari district Council:
Samiullah Ahmadi (20100126), Samiullah, who was head of the regional shura before that, ‎said the previous shuras were appointed by the people. Background: Senior officer with the election commission in Ghazni province Hussain Nabizada said ‎elections for the district shuras were impossible in the present security situation, ‎therefore, they nominated the members to help the government run the affairs of the ‎districts. ‎

Khwaja Omari: the district is located in the north of Ghazni 16 km, the district is known as Paghman for its greenery and orchards, the farming lands are irrigated by Sultan water dam. Khwaja Umari was created in 2005 from the large Bahrami Shahid District. The population in 2005 was estimated at 16,100, of whom 20% were Pashtun, 35% Tajik and 45% Hazara. The district center is the village of Khwaja Umari.

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