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Imam Sahib District Kunduz Province Emam Saheb

Name Imam Sahib District Kunduz Province Emam Saheb
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief, District Police Chief , Mayor , Local Warlor
History and Biodata

District under Taliban Control (20100420)

Imam Saheb District District Chief (District Governor):
Muhalim Juma Khan Malem, district chief of Imam Sahib (20091109),
Mohammad Ayoub Ayub Haqyar Haqyaar Haqmal Hakmal (20100805, 20110612),
Amanullah Quraishi Imamuddin Qureshi Amaanuddin Qureshi Amanuddin Quraishi Imamuddin Quraishi, Amanuddin Quraishi Amanudin Qurishi Emamuddin Quraishi Imamuddin Qureshi (20110919, 20120528, 20130703, 20141023, 20160818, 20170516)
Mahboobullah Syedi Mahboob Saeedi (20171217, 20180213)

Police Chief:
Mohammad Hafiz (killed 20090912),
Ayoub (20100711?),
Colonel Abdul Qayum Ibrahimi (20100130, 20110221, 20130313), killed by suicide bomber in Imam Saib district 20130313. He was the brother of Wolesi Jirga speaker, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi. Also killed were Haji Shir Khan father of Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi. Abdul Qayoum Ibrahimi’s son together with one of his bodyguard was also killed following the blast and five others were injured.(20130314)
Amanullah Ibrahimi (20171216)

Mayor Imam Sahib City:
Sufi Abdul Manan (20090322),

Local Police Commander:
American Special Forces attacked on the house of a local police commander in Imam Sahib District of Kunduz province and captured 11 persons. The operation took place on 020110402 on the house of Commander Mohibullah in Mullah Afghan village and 11 persons including three armed militias and three guests were arrested. Commander Mohibullah was not in his house. It is said that Muhibullah is a local police commander in Imam Sahib District.

Local Warlord:
Sarbaz, a former commander of the Junbish-i-Milli Party. Mullah Rahmatullah is relative of Sarbaz and both are involved in a rape case (20100130). Sarbaz had been appointed as a commander of the Arbaki, a militia operating in the Imam Saheb district against Taliban insurgents.

kunduz_districtsImam Sahib District is situated in the northern part of Kunduz Province, Afghanistan. It borders with Qalay-I-Zal District to the west, Tajikistan to the north (along the Panj river), with Archi District to the east and Kunduz District to the south. The population is 204,300 (2006) - 25% Pashtun, - 25% Tajik, - 45% Uzbek and - 5% Turkmen. The district center is the town of Imam Sahib, located in the northern part of the district. The district is one of the richest in Afghanistan. The land is very fertile and well irrigated and hasn't suffered drought. The medical and educational facilities are better than in other districts.

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