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Taliban Administrative Setaup Taliban Bureaucracy :

Muhammad Ahsas, a well-informed authority on the Taliban, said that the Taliban have divided Afghanistan’s 34 provinces administratively into two branches, south and southeast. The south comprises 14 provinces and falls under the authority of Umari. The southeast comprises the remaining 20 provinces and is administered by Haqqani. Each province is divided into eight zones, which in turn are divided into districts similar to those that already exist.

The Taliban leadership has established 18 commissions which function like ministries, dealing with military, political, economic, media and culture, public works, intelligence, and other matters. Eleven of these commissions are categorized as large and seven as small. Each has representatives at the zonal, provincial and district levels.

The Taliban-appointed governor for Kunar, Haji Usman Turabi, announced to a large public gathering in August 2021 that these commissions were now responsible for running the province. Citizens were told they should contact the appropriate commission to ask for any service they might need.


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