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Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)

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Ideologically, the TTP is Deobandi-Wahabi in its sectarian orientation. The founding goals of the TTP are threefold. First, the TTP seeks to implement and enforce a strict interpretation of Shariah law throughout Pakistan. In accordance with this belief, the TTP is strictly opposed to female education, as was evidenced by the 2012 assassination attempt on girls’ rights activist Malala Yousafzai. The TTP believes the existing Pakistani constitution should be replaced with Shariah law, in order to realize Pakistan’s true identity as an Islamic state. the TTP works to establish a unified front to combat and ultimately expel U.S.-led coalition forces from Afghanistan. Finally, the TTP is committed to expelling Pakistani security forces from the FATA, and conducting defensive jihad against the Pakistani government. The TTP claims that its jihad against the Pakistani government is an act of self-defense against an apostate and puppet regime of the United States. Ultimately, the group intends to overthrow the Pakistani government and establish an Islamic caliphate in Pakistan.

Because the TTP is comprised of various groups with different sectarian backgrounds, individual TTP commanders may differ in their prioritization of the organization’s aforementioned goals.Certain TTP leaders, such as Baitullah Mehsud, have also referenced global jihad as a means to rescue fellow Muslims from occupation, spread Shariah law, and avenge the growing U.S. presence and drone strikes in Pakistan.

The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is the largest and deadliest militant umbrella organization in Pakistan. The TTP formed under Baitullah Mehsud in 2007. It is a subset of the Pakistani Taliban, which includes most, but not all, of the Pakistani Taliban groups. The organization is closely linked to Al Qaeda, and is also associated with the Afghan Taliban. However, unlike the Afghan Taliban, which focuses on combatting U.S.-led coalition forces in Afghanistan, the TTP focuses on combatting Pakistani security forces. The TTP is based in South Waziristan and has three central goals: to enforce Shariah law in Pakistan; to establish a unified front to combat U.S.-led coalition forces in Afghanistan; and to conduct defensive jihad against Pakistani security forces. Ultimately, the group also seeks to overthrow the Pakistani government and establish an Islamic caliphate in Pakistan.[7] Since 2014, internal splits and Pakistani counterterrorism operations have weakened the TTP. The death of Maulana Fazlullah, the group’s longest standing leader, in 2018 provides a threat to the group’s future as it struggles to remain united.

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