Afghan Biographies

Sorosh, Hassan

Name Sorosh, Hassan
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ambassador to Canada Ottawa
History and Biodata

1. Former Ambassador to Canada:
Abdul Jalil Jamily (20021000-20031100)
Omar Samad (20040900-20090600)
Jawed Ludin (20090600-20110326)
Barna Karimi (20111012 - 20140400)
Shamlal Batija (20140508 -20160512)
Mrs. Shinkai Karokhil (20160513-20170803 recalled)
Abdul Jabar Rahimi Charge d’affaires of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Canada (20170800)
Hassan Sorosh (20190529, 20200117)

Embassy Staff as of Nov 04, 2021:
Sayed Mujtaba Ahmadi
Deputy Ambassador

Azim Wardak

Fahim Ebrat
1st Secretary

Abdul Hakim Nasriy
Commercial Attache

Mrs. Shabana Kargar
3rd Secretary

Embassy Staff as of 20200112:
Mukhtar Mukhtarullah Counselor (20200112)

Embassy Staff as of Apr 28, 2016:

Mohmmad Dawood Qayomi
Counsellor, Charge d'Affaires
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 232
email: d.qayomi(at)

Ms. Laila Ayan
First Secretary,
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 227
email: l .ayan(at)

Wahid Sheerzuy
First Secretary
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 229
email: w.sheerzu(at)

Najibullah Safi (Political Affairs)
Second Secretary
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 234
email: n.safi(at)

Dr. Ghulam R. Nayab
In charge of Business Development and Promotion Programs
Phone: 613-563-4223,
email: g.nayab(at)

Ms. Sitara Sharif
Sr. Executive Assistant to Ambassador
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 233
email: assist(at)

Tamim Amini
Public Diplomacy and IT Officer
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 233
email: m.amini(at)

Khalid Khosraw
Media officer
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 221
email: k.khosraw(at)

Ahmad Siar
Finance officer
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 240
email: a.siar(at)

Nafez Ahmadzai
Consular Officer
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 222
email: n.ahmadzai(at)

2. Previous Function:
Lecturer at the Institute of Diplomacy, MoFA, Kabul;
Director General for Economic Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul;
Charge d’Affaires at the Embassy and Permanent Mission of Afghanistan in Vienna;
Counselor at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, DC;
Deputy Director General for Economic Affairs;
Director of Regional Cooperation;
Acting Director of Human Rights Department;
Head of the Political and Economic Affairs Sections at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Tokyo.

Counsellor political affairs Afghan Embassy Canada, Ottawa (20120212)
Ambassador to Canada , Ottawa (20190529)

3. Biodata:
Hassan Sooroosh holds a Master of Arts in Public Policy: International Development Studies from the Japanese National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) and has conducted research on a variety of topics including on regional economic cooperation issues.

Sooroosh said he and his staff are still working and committed to representing the people of that country, despite its new government. Soroosh said the work he and embassy staff are doing, however, has become difficult. They have not communicated with the Taliban and since their takeover of the country, the embassy's finances have become strained. Operations have needed to be scaled down at their missions across Canada, he said.(20211103)

Ambassador Soroosh is married and has one son and one daughter.

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Established 2019-05-29