Afghan Biographies

Yari, Yama

Name Yari, Yama
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1982
Function/Grade Ambassador to Germany
History and Biodata

1. Former Ambassadors to Germany:
Mr. Hamidullah Nasser Zia (2002),
Prof. Dr. Mrs. Maliha Zulfacar (2006 - 2009),
Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Ashraf (20101213 - 20131231)
Hamid Sidig (20140826-201612)
Ali Ahmad Jalali (20170105-20180908 sacked)
Abdul Jabar Ariaee, Minister Counsellor  (acting 20161214)
Nemat Saier (20200529)
Yama Yari (20200903, 20210203)

Staff as of 202100215:
Ambassador: Yama YARI
( 03.02.2021)
Abdul Baqi POPAL (23.09.2020)
Abdul Wahab ARIAN (06.12.2019)
Sultan Hamid YAFTALY (24.12.2019)
Mrs. Nastaran BAHEEJ
Mohammad Asif ABDULLAH (20.01.2020)
Mohammad Naseem FAQIRZADA (08.03.2019)
Alam Gul SAHAR (03.04.2018)
Mir Abdul Hadi ANSARI (20.11.2017)

Staff as of 20200408:
Abdul Jabar ARIYAEE

Abdul Wahab ARIAN 

Sultan Hamid YAFTALYI. I Secretary (24.12.2019)

Abdul Baset KARIMI II. Sekretary (16.02.2018)

Mrs. Nastaran BAHEEJ II. Sekretary (15.11.2019)

Mohammad Asif ABDULLAH II. Sekretary (20.01.2020)

Mohammad Naseem FAQIRZADA III. Sekretary (08.03.2019)

Alam Gul SAHAR Defense Attaché, (03.04.2018)

Staff as of 20190819):
Abdul Jabar Ariayee (acting 20190000)
Zahir Shah Akbari

Naqibullqh Shafiqzai
Shafiullah Khawari
Abdul Rahim Esmat
Abdul Momen Mashal
Abdul Baset Karimi
Mohammad Naseem Faqirzada
Alam Gul Sahar
Defense Attache:
Mir Abdul Hadi Ansari
Deputy Defense Attache:
Mohammad Nader Zarghoonshahry

Staff as of 20190315:
Counsellor: Zahir Akbari (20161205)
1st Secretary: Naqibullah Shafiqzai (20161107)
2nd Secretary: Abdul Rahim Esmat (20160718)
2nd Secretary: Momen Mashal (20160905)
1st Secretary: Shafiullah Khawari (20171002)
Cultural Attache: Alam Gul Sahar (20180403)
2nd Secretary : Abdul Baset Karimi (20180216)
Military Attache: Col Mir Hadi Ansari (20171120)
Deputy Military Attache: Mohammd Nader Zarghoonsharhry (20171206)

Staff as of 20170819, 20180418:

Ali Ahmad Jalali
Secretary Assistant to the Ambassador

Mrs. Yatri Boether-Schultz
A. Jabar Ariyaee
S. Zahir Akbari
Mrs. Frozan Nawabi
Naqibullah Shafiq
Abdul Rahim Esmat
Sarajulhaq Saraj
Momen Mashal


Colonel M. A. Hadi Ansari


Other Diplomats of the Afghan Embassy in Berlin:

Afghan Embassy Staff as of 20160204:
Hamid  SIDIG
Ambassador (02.09.2014)
Mohammad Zarif  ASEER
Counsellor, (15.08.2013)
Mrs. Malalai  ASEER
Sayed Mansoor  SAYED
1st Sekretary, (16.08.2013)
Mrs.  Nadia  SAYED
Mrs.  Frozan  NAWABI
1st Sekretary, (21.01.2016)
Mohammad Mehdi  YARI
2nd Sekretary (09.01.2013)
Mrs. Sperghei  SAFI
Mrs. Samira  AMINPUR
2nd Sekretary (06.08.2013)
Asadullah  AMINPUR
Abdul Hadi  ATTAZADA
3rd Sekretary (01.11.2012)
Frau  Fatema  ATTAZADA
Defense Attache:
Verteidigungsattaché (26.03.2012)

Afghan Embassy Staff as of 20140816:
Mohammad Zarif ASEER

Minister Counsellor Charge d´Affaires, (15.08.2013)

Mrs Malalai ASEER

Sayed Mansoor SAYED

I. Sekretär, (16.08.2013)

Mrs Nadia SAYED

Abdul Rahman ABED

II. Sekretär, (04.10.2010)

Mrs Farida ABED

Mohammad Mehdi YARI

II. Sekretär, (09.01.2013)

Mrs Sperghei SAFI

Mrs Samira AMINPUR

II. Sekretär, (06.08.2013)

Asadullah AMINPUR


III. Sekretär, (01.11.2012)


Defense Attache:

Mohammad Sadiq PASHTON (26.03.2012)

Former Diplomats:
Abed NADJIB Minister
Counsellor (02.03.2010)
Abdul Samad MROWAT Morwat
1st Secretary (26.09.2009)
Ahmad Roshan ANWARYAR
2nd Secretary, (29.07.2010)
Abdul Rahman ABED
2nd Sekretär, (04.10.2010)
Mrs. Farida ABED
2nd Secretary (26.04.2011)
Hasamuddin SHAMS
Mohammad Sadiq PASHTON,
Military Attaché (26.03.2012)
Ahmad Shafiq FAHIM
Deputy Military Attaché (06.11.2002)

More former Diplomats:
Mrs. Fereshta Freshta RAHIMI NEDA Counsellor,
Mr. Mohammad Bashir NEDA
Mr. Habibullah AYUBI II. Secretary,
Mrs. Massouda AYUBI
Mr. Mohammad Hadi AHMADI III. Secretary, (25.01.2008)
Mrs. Zahra REZAIE
Mr. Frydoon AZADZOY Attaché, (19.05.2005)

2. Previous Functions:
Capita Symonds Civil/Railway Engineer (200801-201103)

Waterman Group UK Structural Engineer (200610-200712)

ENGCO (Engineering & Construction) (201104-201203)
Adviser Ministry of Public Works (201204-201303)
Senior Adviser Afghanistan Railway Authority (201303-201410)
Administrative Office of the President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (2014)
Director General of National Procurement Authority Director of National Procurement Office (20140900, 20150823, 20160515, 20170510)

Minister of Public Works (20170807, 20171204 confirmed, 20181200)
Minister of Transport (20181200-20200200)
Ambassador to Germany (20200903, 20210203)

3. Biodata:
Yama Yari was born in Herat in 1982  (other sources say 1980) and came to the United Kingdom in 1999.  Education: University of Brighton,  BEng, Civil Engineering (2003 – 2006), 
Imperial College London,  MSc, Engineering & Business Management (2007-2010) He is the co-translator, with Sarah Maguire, of A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear, the second novel by Atiq Rahimi,  Afghanistan's most important living novelist (Chatto & Windus, 2006). A Thousand Rooms was long-listed for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.

He worked as an engineer including on the railways in Britain, before returning to Afghanistan to be an advisor at the Ministry of Public Works in 2013.

Yama Yari received 156 confidence votes and was approved by the Lower House lawmakers as Minister of Transport.(20171204)

Yama Yari is said to be one of the close confidants to Ghani.

He speaks Dari and English.

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