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Under a decree from the presidential office, new head of the MoIC Hotels Enterprise, Shamsul Haq Mubariz has been introduced during a ceremony held at the ministry’s international conference hall, Acting Minister of Information and Culture and Deputy to the Youth Affairs, Dr. Kamal Sadat briefed and called the works shouldered by the head of the MoIC related hotels a tough task. The acting minister called for cooperation to promote the culture of hospitality within the said hotels. Deputy Minister to Finance and Tourism of the Ministry, Zardasht Shams also spoke at the meeting and said works for improvement of the hotels was very challenging and that there was a need for effort to well execute them. Shamsul Haq Mubariz promised to do more to bring positive changes in the hotels affairs.(20170102)

Last Modified 2017-01-02
Established 2017-01-02