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Khana-e-Ahzab Milli

Name Khana-e-Ahzab Milli
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Function/Grade Cluster of political parties
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The Khana-e-Ahzab Milli, a cluster of 15 political parties, and representatives of 45 different civil society bodies criticized the National Unity Government (NUG) on Wednesday for failure to create employment opportunities and pave ground for increased participation of youth in the government. The political parties stressed people are gradually losing their trust in the government. Representatives of the political parties and the civil society activists said that the government is unable to resolve the challenges that the country is facing.

Mohammad Omer Ayar, the Chairman of Peace and Justice Party said that the NUG leaders haven’t kept the promises they made to people during their election campaigns. He termed mounting insecurity, widespread corruption and poverty as the main problems faced by people.

He added that unemployment has forced hundreds of youth to leave their country to seek migration in Europe, who either end up in jails or drown.

Mujtaba Paikan a member of civil society claimed the NUG didn’t have any tangible achievement in the last ten months.

He termed lack of job opportunities, corruption, insecurity, poor management, kidnapping of investors, increasing drug addiction and migration of educated youths to foreign countries as the major challenges.

The chairman of Wafaq-i-Milli party, Bismillah Shir, warned that if government didn’t take practical measure to resolve the challenges, the Khana-e-Ahzab Milli would stage protests across the country. He stressed that the Taliban militants are enemies of the people of Afghanistan, thus, showing soft corner to the terrorist group is considered as unforgivable sin. He urged the government to take strict action against militants.

The cluster of political parties in a resolution urged the government to take all necessary measures to improve security situation, fight against terrorism, mafia and corruption.

It also called on the government to take action agents of foreign spy agencies inside the government, create job opportunities for people and appoint competent people in high-ranking positions.

The cluster is comprised of 15 political parties and 45 social and civil society organizations working together to put pressure on the government to work for improvement of situation in the country.


Last Modified 2015-09-17
Established 2015-09-17