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Isakhel, Kabir Khan

Name Isakhel, Kabir Khan
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1984
Function/Grade Advisor to the Afghan President's Special Representative
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Lawyer in UK (2010)
Advisor to the Afghan President's Special Representative on reforms and good governance Ahmad Zia Masood (2015)
3. Biodata:
Kabir Khan Isakhel was born Feb. 1984 in Afghanistan. He has lived, studied and worked many years as a lawyer in Birmingham, UK.(20110810) Kabir Khan Isakhel was the company director of Ahmadzai Lawyers & Co Limited.  The company was established 16 Mar 2010 and is based in West Midlands. Isakhel started there in 2010 at 26 years of age.  In British Afghan boxer Sohail Ahmad's team are Lawyer Kabir Khan Isakhel, Dave O’kane, Ben Harsmen, Gideon Remfry, Valy Hedjasi [singer and close friend], Anthony Smith Kevin Maree, Jon Ramos, Russell Bateman and the KX GYM located in Chelsea in the heart of London.(20140110)

He is a British citizen.

He speaks Pashtu, Dari, Urdu and English

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