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Mustafawi, Muzghan Sayeda Mrs.

Name Mustafawi, Muzghan Sayeda Mrs.
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1974
Function/Grade Deputy Minister of publication MoIC
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Deputy Minister of Women Affairs (20090625, 20111128, 20121015, 20130103, 20141211)
acting Minister of Woman Affairs (20141212)
Deputy Minister of publication MoIC (20150621, 20170512)
Acting Minister of Information and Culture (20171023)
3. Biodata:
Mrs. Sayeda Mujgan Mustafawi, Sayeda Muzhgan Mustafahi, Syeda Muzhgan Mustafavi Mozhgan Mostafawi Sayeda Mujagan Mustfawi Sayda Muzghan Mustafa Mustafawi Deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture ministry, Sayeeda Mojgan Mostafavi was born 1974 in Afghanistan. She is a former journalist and social communications professor, whose mother is a teacher and who has sisters who are a doctor and an engineer.

Sayeda Muzhgan Mustafawi thinks that undesirable customs, ancient traditions and irrational beliefs about women in Afghan society were the main reasons for the rise in violence, adding that increased reporting had also led to a jump in the figures. She believes that hese customs and traditions have deep roots in society and it is very difficult to root them out quickly. She also outlined other factors responsible for the rising levels of violence, including poverty, lack of awareness among men and women about the legal and religious rights of women, drug addiction, lack of a formal council of Ulema (religious scholars) on women’s affairs and psychological problems associated with living in a conflict environment.(20130107)

She has been appointed acting minister of women’s affairs. (20141212) On 21 June 2015 she has been appointed Deputy Minister of publication MoIC. Mrs. Muzhgan Mustafawi is among the veteran writers and professor of journalism faculty of Kabul University and her appointment to the post is based on merit.

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Established 2014-12-12