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Jami Zada, Sher Mohammad Eng.

Name Jami Zada, Sher Mohammad Eng.
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1960
Function/Grade Ex Central Statistics Office Organisation (CSO) Head
History and Biodata

1. Head Afghanistan's Central Statistics Office Organisation (CSO) :
Ajmal Watanyar (Uzbek),
Abdul Rahman Ghafoori (20091105, 20120610, 20130622),
Eng. Sher Mohammad Jami Zada (20140201, 20150209)
Humayoun Mohtar has been appointed as the new director of the directorate of central statistics organization (20170725)
Deputy CSO Director:
Hasibullah Mowahed (20140923)
Other Officials in CSO:
Asmatullah Ramzi (20080503), Sami Nabi (20080503), Abdul Rashid Fakhri,

Central Statistics Organization Ansari Watt, Ariana Square Kabul, Afghanistan Tel: +93-20-2100329, 210409 Fax: e-mail:

2. Previous Functions Eng Sher Mohammad Jami Zada:
Deputy Minister of Economy (2006, 2010)
Deputy Minister of Finance (Administration) (20110328)
President General Central Statistics Organization (20140201-20170725)

3. Biodata:
Eng. Sher Mohammad Jami Zada Eng. Shir Mohammad Jami was born 1960 in Kabul Province. He studied at Kabul University and lives in Kabul.


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