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Khodaidad, Mawlawi

Name Khodaidad, Mawlawi
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Herat Ulema Council
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Member of Constitutional Loya Jirga 2003
32-member preparatory commission member  for the "Traditional Loya Jirga" 2011
Head of the Ulema Council for the western zone (Herat) (2005, 2009)

3. Biodata:
khodaidad_mawlawiMawlawi Khodaidad a Pashtun and  the president of the Council of the Ulema in Herat, is known to have actively encouraged the formation of at least one armed group in Guzara. He is actively trying to gather around himself all oppositions to Ismail Khan and, in particular, Pashtun opposition groups. Since 2003, he has been taking an increasingly prominent role in opposing Ismail Khan, who is himself protected by militias, despite the formal disbandment of his forces in 2005. Khodaidad has close relations with President Hamit Karzai and is a staunch supporter.

The organisational centre of Ismail Khan’s forces has now moved to Guzara and Enjil districts, which would allow faster mobilisation in the event of an open conflict. Compared to 2004, when he was removed from the position of governor, Ismail Khan’s military force seems to have decayed significantly. This is the result of his distance from Herat (he is now Minister of Energy in Kabul) and of reduced expenditure (he has no longer control over customs revenue). Nonetheless, Ismail Khan is still believed to have the capability to quickly mobilise a force of up to 3,000 men.

The clergy in Herat Province has condemned the burning of the home of the provincial capital's most senior cleric Mawlawi Khodaidad and demanded the culprits be brought to justice, Afghan Herat TV reported on 6 April  2004.

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