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Begzad, Ahmad Faisal

Name Begzad, Ahmad Faisal
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Badakhshan
History and Biodata

1. Former Governors:
Sayed Amin Tariq (2002 - 2003)
Mohammad Amaan Hamimi
Sayed Ikramuddin Masoomi. (20040300)
Abdul Munschi Munshi Majid (20090407).
Sayyed Mohammad Akram (20050221).
Baz Mohammad Ahmadi (20090502 - 2010 ).
Dr Shah Waliullah Adeeb Wali-ullah Adib (20101102 -20151025)
Ahmad Faisal Begzad (20151026, 20170512, 20180424)
Deputy Governor:
Shams-ul-Rahman Shams Shamsur Rahman Shams  (2004, 20121027), is a cousin of Ustad Rabbani and a member of the Jamiat-e-Islami.
Mohammad Baydar Gul Ahmad Bedar Gul Mohammad Bidar Gul Mohammad Baidar (20130919, 20140522, 20150724, 20160609)
Akhtar Mohammad Khairzada  (20180227) 
Spokesman of Badakhshan Governor:
Ahmad Nawid Ferotan, Ahmad Naweed Firotan (20140827, 20150722)
Zahir Bahand (20170710)
Rural Rehabilitation and Development Director:
Eng. Amir Mohammad Yaftali (20120420)

Director of the civil hospital Faizabad:
Dr. Jalali (20100912),

Head of Public Works Department:
Mohammad Rafiq (20110427)

Head of the Environment Protection Department:
Ghulam Nabi (20110330)

Head of the Agricultural, Irrigation and Livestock Department:
Muhammad Alim Alimi  (20110330, 20120110)

Head of animal health Department:
Ghulam Hassan Haidari (20120110)
Head of Public Health Department:
Noor Khawari  (20120812; 20131102)
Noor Mohammad  (2015115)
Water supply Department Head:
Eng. Mohammad Rafi (20111022)

Natural disaster department director:
Sanaullah Amiri (20120118)
Head of traffic police department of the province:
Mohammad Ibrahim
Head of Badakhshan economy administration:
Abdul Hasib Daqiq (20190530)

2.Previous Functions:
Provincial Governor Faryab (20120813 -20120919)
Provincial Governor Takhar (20120920-20130708)
Provincial Governor Badakhshan (20151026, 20170512, 20180424)

3. Biodata Ahmad Faisal Begzad Ahmad Beig:
Ahmad Faisal Begzad Ahmad Faisal Beghzad is a resident of Khatayan village of Taloqan. He is a former Maj Gen and a Tajik Takhari and former Jamiat commander close to Vice President Marshal Fahim.

According to a commission’s report, Ahmad Faisal Begzad of Takhar province failed to respond to the president’s directive to stop what the report called illegal taxation schemes. The commission recommended his removal. “Extortion continues in Takhar, and government agents are beating and taking money from drivers in the name of the municipality,” the report states. “Similarly, the head of the Takhar office of the Ministry of Mines was collecting money from the drivers who were transporting sand, stone and clay.”
Begzad denied the existence any illegal revenue collection in the province but said two forms of “minor taxation” had existed there: one that funded a municipal office in Taloqan, the other a road tax paid to the country’s Ministry of Finance. He said both had been shut down. He wasn’t aware of the recommendation that he be fired, he added. “Before the delegation from the palace arrived in Takhar, we heard about the president’s decree,” Begzad said. “Three days before the arrival of the delegation, we removed all types of taxation in Takhar.” (20121211)
Supporters of General Abdul Rashid Dostum staged a demonstration in Takhar province and called for the dismissal of the Provincial Governor. It is said that three people were injured during the demonstration.(20130625) 29 June 2013, Uzbek people from all over Takhar were demonstrating in the provincial capital, Taloqan. Up to 3000 marched against Governor Ahmad Faisal Begzad, a Tajik Takhari, former Jamiat commander close to Vice President Marshal Fahim, after he supported the dismissal of another Jamiati, but ethnic Uzbek, police commander, Khair Muhammad Timor. The protestors demanded Timor’s reinstatement. What they got – the dismissal of the governor – probably surprised even the demonstrators themselves. Begzad was dismissed 20130708.

He speaks Dari.


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