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Mine Clearance Planning Agency (MCPA)

Name Mine Clearance Planning Agency (MCPA)
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  • Haji Attiqullah (Director)
  • Qadeem Khan Tariq (Project Officer)

Thirteen deminers abducted on 20120513 morning were released in the eastern province of Nangarhar later in the day, officials said. A group of insurgents abducted 16 employees of the Mine Clearance Planning Agency (MCPA) from the Salampur village of Khewa district, but freed 13 of them after a few hours. (20120513)


MCPA is under Pakistani control active in Afghanistan. Established in 1997, the Mine Clearance Planning Agency (MCPA) is an Afghan NGO responsible for minefield surveys, and mine clearance, as well as maintaining the Mine Action Programme in Afghanistan (MAPA) information system. It is responsible for technical surveys, marking and mapping of minefields, preparation of operational plans, and maintenance of a demining database. The computerized management information system plays a vital role in the operational planning of the Afghan Mine Action Programme. In 2000, the MCPA was the lead agency responsible for conducting a Landmine Impact Survey in Yemen. This marked the first time that an organization developed to address a local problem was able to assist another country.

1 House No. 28, Street No. 15
Wazir Akbar Khan Mena,
Kabul, Afghanistan
+93-26093 (Afghanistan)

Address: House 58, Street 4, H-2, Phase 2, Hayatabad,Peshwar, Pakistan
Phone: +92-91-810803 (Pakistan) or 810 194
Fax: +92-91 812 541 (Pakistan)

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