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Kohistani, Abdul Alim Gen Maj

Name Kohistani, Abdul Alim Gen Maj
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1961
Function/Grade Ex Director General
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Chief controller in investigation and regional department of Parwan province (1982)
Head of operative and security head quarter of Parwan province,
President Afghanistan Football Federation (2002)
Commander 202nd Shamshad Police Zone Kabul (2006, 20091203, 2010)
General Director of Prisons and Detention Centers (20140227, 20170411)

3. Biodata:
kohistani_abdul_alimAbdul Alim Kohistani, Abdul Alim Khan Kohistani, son of Mohammad Azim was born in (1340 (1961) Khorsheedi) in Kohistan district, Kapisa province of Afghanistan in a bright and educated family. He completed his primary education in Meer Masjidi Khan High school in Kapisa province and his secondary education in Naderia high school in Kabul province. In 1359 (Khorsheedi) (1980), after he passed the Conquer Examination successfully with high score, he was sent to Ukraine and got his B.A and return back to Afghanistan. He graduated from the police academy in 1981. General Kohistani has served the Afghan armed forces for nearly 29 years.

He speaks Russian, a little English, Dari and Pashtu.

Commander 202nd Shamshad Police Zone Kabul (2006-20091203) oversees 16,000 ANP in ten provinces.

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