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Afghanmal, Bismillah

Name Afghanmal, Bismillah
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1971
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Zabul
History and Biodata

Bismillah Afghanmal
Mobile: 0786300193 and 0797300193 and 0700300193

1. Former Governors Zabul:
Khial Mohammad,
Jan Arman Delbar Dilbar Shinwari, Del Bar Jan Aman (2005),
Mohammad Ashraf Naseri, (200903, 20130406 -20150604),
Mohammad Anwar Ishaqzai (20150605, 20160300)
Bismillah Afghanmal (20160314-)

Deputy Governor:
Al Haj Haji Gulab Shah Alikhel (20100312),
Mohammad Jan Rassoul Muhammad Jan Rasulyar Mohammad Jan Rasoulyar Mohammad Jan Rasulyar Rassoulyar  (20110923, 20130729, 20140521)

Zabul governor’s spokesman:
Muhammad Jan Rasulyar Rasolyar Rasoulyar Rasol Yar Rasool Yar (20100921)
Islam Gul Sayal Gul Islam Seyal (20150226, 20160905)

Official of the provincial justice department:
Rozi Khan (20110923)

Rural Rehabilitation and Development Director:
Engineer Rahim.(20110530)

Director of Public Health Department:
Dr. Sulaiman Safi Sapi (20110828)

Education Director:
Sher Aqa Sapi (20110908)
Abdul Mateen Jafar (20120530)
Rahimullah Ludin (2015) has been suspended over corruption charges and referred to judiciary for further legal procedures.(20160106)

Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Director:
Bismillah Harifal (20111101)

Zabul Women's Affairs Department:
Mrs. Sidiqa Jalali Raeesa Sediqi Jalali (20121206, 20170411)
Director or Hajj and Religious Affairs:
Mullah Nawab (20150805)
The sparsely inhabited province Zabul Zabol sits mostly above 6,000 feet, it’s arid and insecure. Officials struggle to find educated people to fill administrative slots here, never mind educated, honest people. Eight of the ten district governors are illiterate. The dignified Governor Naseri said there are perhaps 300 educated people in the province of about 300,000 souls. “The Coalition killed two sons of one of our line ministers [for involvement with the insurgency]. But if I remove them, who will replace them? “ As it is, one of Zabul’s eleven districts has no government presence at all.


2. Previous Functions:
Acting director of Rishta magazine
Acting head of the Culture and Information Department
Provincial Council 2005 and 2009 Member
Meshrano Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Kandahar elected
Provincial Governor Zabul 

3. Biodata:
afghanmal_bismillahBismillah Afghanmal Bismillah Afghanzoy was born 1971 in Kandahar Province. He is the son of Mullah Dad Momand. Afghanmal is a 14th Class Graduate. He has a post-baccalaureate in history. Afghanmal is not a member of a political party. He lived in Karte Naw in Kabul. Hailing from Zabul’s neighboring Kandahar province, Afghanmal has served as a member of Meshrano Jirga representing Kandahar. He was one of the supporters of President Ghani during the presidential election. The appointment comes a day after dismissing Anwar Ishaqzai, the former governor of Zabul, during which people urged government to send an able man to their province.

The appointment comes a day after dismissing Anwar Ishaqzai, the former governor of Zabul, during which people urged government to send an able man to their province.

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Besmullah Afghanmal, Zabul governor, has been targeted by armed attack during his visit n Nari region, Shah Joy district of the province, but survived from the attack.The provincial police chief of southern Zabul province has rejected reports suggesting an ambush by the Taliban militants aimed at the provincial governor’s convoy. (20160724)

He is married and has four sons and one daughter.

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