Afghan Biographies

Kohistani, Attaullah Wahab Col.

Name Kohistani, Attaullah Wahab Col.
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex -Police Officer
History and Biodata

Colonel Ataullah Wahab Kohistani (20091116).
Deputy Provincial Police Commander Kapisa Background: NATO-led forces said 20100207 they had arrested Attahullah Attaullah Wahab because they accused him of helping insurgents place roadside bombs north of Kabul. Officials in Kapisa province defended Attaullah Wahab, saying he was an honest and good officer and complaining that Afghan authorities hadn't been informed about Friday's arrest in advance. Also Interior Ministry spokesman Zemeri Bashary complained early Friday (20100205) that the ministry, which oversees the police, wasn't informed about the arrest in advance.

However, the Interior Ministry later said in a statement that it was jointly following Wahab's activities with NATO forces and that the Afghan government was involved in the ongoing investigation. NATO said Wahab was arrested Friday in the Kapisa provincial capital of Mahmud-i-Raqi for involvement in the storage, distribution and planting of roadside bombs as well as corruption related to road reconstruction. Attaullah Wahab is also accused of being linked to a murder case during summer 2009. His activities are said to have taken place in the north of the country at Bagram, site of the country's main US military hub, and in the provinces of Parwan and Kapisa. The Spokesman for the provincial government, Halim Ayar, said, dozens of residents staged a brief protest against the arrest Saturday (20100206). Later hundreds of people in Kapisa province staged a protest demonstration against the arrest of the provincial security chief by foreign troops. The protestors blocked the Kabul-Kapisa road for nearly four hours at the Sayad area. Colonel Attaullah Wahab was detained along with a bodyguard in a raid backed by helicopters while he was in his home in Mahmud-i-Raqi (Capital of Kapisa Province.)

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