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Tanai Tribe

Name Tanai Tribe
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Background of Tanai Tribe
History and Biodata

Background: The Pashtun Tanai tribe which is located in the border of Paktia Province, Khost Province (both Afghanistan) - Miranshah (Pakistan), the capital town of north Waziristan, has four sub-tribes, the Darnoohee, Sitkai, Aryozee and Khaabkhil. There is a dispute concerning the area of forest located in the mountains between those living on the other side of the border and Tanai tribe. To protect and prove its ownership on the forest, the Tanai tribe decided to have eighty Arbakai (tribal militia) continuously in the mountains to protect the forest. The former Communist general Shahnawaz Tanai was returning to his home district in Khost Province after 32 years to make a political comeback, and the Tanai tribe accorded him the traditional greeting (2005). He has been living in Pakistan after the collaps of the Najibullah regime.

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