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Qaisar District Faryab Province

Name Qaisar District Faryab Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
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Qaysar District Chief Faryab Province:
Mohammad Sadiq Hamid Yar Mohammad Siddiqui Hamid Mohammad Siddiqui Mohammad Siddiqui Hamidyar (20100815, 20111228, 20121027)
Abdul Jamil Siddiqui Abdul Jamil Siddique (20130307, 20130829)
Mohammad Zamir Qysar (20140126)

Qaisari District Police Chief:
Lt. Col. Saidaslam Zeyarati S. Aslam Ziarati (20100416, 2012)
Nizamuddin Qaisar (20170920, 20180703)
Saifurrahman Dehzad killed in clashes with Taliban (20210606)

Taleban currently (20121127) control most parts of Almar, Qaisar, Ghormach, Qaramqol and Dawlatabad districts of Faryab at night and invest all their energy to expand their influence in other districts, too.

Qaisar district, once a peaceful place – economically interesting, though, as the cultivation and trafficking of narcotics provides a major income source – is a good example of how intertwined local conflicts have allowed the insurgency to spread. One of the district’s most important villages is the embattled Khwaja Kenti. It is well known for its Ashab-e Khaf shrine that thousands of Afghans used to visit every week. Not anymore, however. There is too much fighting underway to allow an undisturbed visit to the holy site as Khwaja Kenti is also centrally positioned as a gateway between Ghormach district further west in Badghis (some claim it has been transferred to Faryab) – a strong base of the Taleban – and Qaisar district just behind the border in Faryab. The road to Khwaja Kenti offers an access route to Qaisar’s district centre. When ALP units were installed in Qaisar in 2010, former local Jombesh commanders accused the central government of offering a larger share of men and weapons to Jamiati commanders.(20130517)

Gunmen ambushed a group of tribal elders in Qaisar District, Faryab province, killing four of them and wounding three others. There is a dispute over grazing land in a Taliban controlled area between Noorzai and Shamolzai tribes over a pasture near the border with Tajikistan. The Noorzai tribe supports the government while Shamolzai is pro-insurgents.The casualties occurred in the Khwaja Kinti area.(20130619)

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