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Obe District Herat Province Obeh

Name Obe District Herat Province Obeh
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Oba District Obeh District Chief:
Syed Mahmoud Moududi Syed Mohammad Maudoodi (20110305, 20110530)
Najibullah Ahmadi Najeebullah Ahmadi (20121023)
Rahmuddin Sarwarzai (aka Rahmuddin Khan) (20181210)

District Police Chief:
Seyyed Serajeddin killed by bomb 20101026.
Bismullah Khan killed in gun battle with Taliban 20121022.
Sher Agha Alokozai Shir Agha Alkozai Shir Aqa Alokozi Sher Aqa Alokozay (20130521, 20140624, 20161219, 20170314)
survived a road side bomb attack (20161219)
Sher Agha Alokozay (aka Sher Agha Khan) (20181210)
Mohammad Rafiq Alokozai was killed during a gunbattle with militants (20201130)

Obe is a district in the northeast of Herat Province, Afghanistan. It borders on the north with Badghis Province, on the east with Chishti Sharif District, on the southeast with Farsi District, on the south with Adraskan District, and on the west with Pashtun Zarghun and Karukh districts. Shindand and Oba districts are the insecure districts of the Herat province where Taliban have in the past been active. (20180908)

Obeh is a centre of Sufism in Afghanistan. The three Sufi tariqas(orders) in the district are Naqshbandiya, Qadiriya and Cheshtiya – the latter because of its adjacency to the epicentre of the Cheshtiya Sufi order in Chesht-e Sharif district. There are families and individuals who are the followers (murids) of Sufi leaders (pirs or murshids). The Sufi leaders are usually large landowners and thus well-off. A famous example is Agha Saheb Mohiuddin who has been replaced following his death by his sons, the best-known being Agha Saheb Nuruddin. Sufi get-togethers are held in mosques, including the Grand Mosque in the district centre. In addition, Sufi spiritual retreats have continued taking place in khanqahs (places for Sufi gathering and worship) in the district. They are on good terms both with the government and Taleban.(20181210)

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