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Naw Zad District Helmand Province Nawzad

Name Naw Zad District Helmand Province Nawzad
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

District Chief Naw Zad Nawazad Nawa Zad Helmand Province:
Sayed Merdad Mohammad Shadad, Father: Dost Mohammad, (2010)
Haji Abdul Manon, Manaf Manab,  (20100103, 20110326, 20120902),
Syed Sarwar Agha (20121128)
Syed Murad Agha, Sayyed Murad Sadat (20120520, 20130128, 20141024)
Nafas Khan (20150525)
Sayed Murad Sadaat (20150730)

District Police Chief:
Attaullah (20110622)
Taliban-linked police chief Sarwar Jan (20120800) was corrupt and sexually abusing kids
Amanullah (20180210)
Matiullah Popal, acting police chief for Nawzad district killed (20210802)

Nawzad District is settled 100% with ethnic Pashtuns. The security situation in Nawzad district of southern Hemand province has deteriorated. The governor of the district warned the central government that unless it pays attention to the security of the district, Taliban may come back and create to more instability in parts of the district.(20130805)
The districts out of government's control include Nawzad, Disho, Baghran and Musa Qala districts in Helmand, Wardooj and Yumgan districts in Badakhshan, Kohistanat district in Sar-e-Pul, Nawa district in Ghazni and Khak Afghan district in Zabul province.(20160629)

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