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Nadiri, Al-Haj Sayyad Mansoor Mansur Naderi

Name Nadiri, Al-Haj Sayyad Mansoor Mansur Naderi
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1940
Function/Grade Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Baghlan reelected
History and Biodata

Haji Sayed Mansoor Nadiri
Mobile: 0700204077

2. Previous Functions:
Commander 80th Armoured Division
Senator in Najibullah Government,
Vice President to Burhanuddin Rabbani,
Wolesi Jirga Member 2005 MP MNA Baghlan,
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Baghlan reelected

Nadiri_MansoorHaji Sayyad Sayed Mansoor Mansur Nadiri Nadri (also Sayed Nadir Kayan), son of Sayed Nadir Shah, was born 1940 in Baghlan Province.

Naderi has studied literature, social and cultural studies, politics, poetry and Islamic studies at
various private institutions in Afghanistan.

He bagged most votes in Wolesi Jirga Elections 2005. He was a member of the Committee on Central Audit and observing the Implementation of Law. Nadiri is a warlord of Baghlan province, and was a previous Vice-President of Afghanistan. He holds the honorary title of Sayed of Kayan, one of the highest honors in the Islamic world.

Naderi's 80th armoured division, based in Pul-i-Khumri, defected to the Mujahideen in 1992, and followed Dostum's alliance shifting afterwards. Nadiri is the head of the Afghan Ismaelis and their central authority. Within the Ismai’ili demographic are two subgroups — Bohra and Nizari. Nadiri belongs to the Nizari. The current Imam of the Isma’ili Nizari Muslims is the Aga Khan. The pir or leader of Afghan Ismailis comes from the Sayyid family of Kayan, located near Doshi, a small town at the northern foot of the Salang Pass, in western Baghlan Province.

During the Soviet-Afghan War this family acquired considerable political power. According to a May 2003 report by Hindokosh, a private news agency in Afghanistan, Sayd Mansur Naderi and his followers have harassed Ismailis who are loyal to the worldwide Ismaili spiritual leader, the Aga Khan, who lives in France. Mr. Nadiri declared that the Ismailis had decided to give their support to Mr. Karzai for the Aug. 2009, 20 presidential election, and the people agreed without demur.

The Naderi family runs various businesses like construction companies, the Finest supermarkets chain, the import of Land Rover jeeps and a factory for the production of mineral water. As candidates from the entrepreneur ‘class’ do in other provinces, it views parliamentary status as a kind of political insurance for these assets.

Sayyid Mansoor Nadiri has an GBR educated son, Sayyid Jafar Naderi. Press reports indicate that at age 10, Sayed Jaffar Naderi was sent to live in England when his father became a political prisoner in Afghanistan. At age 13, Naderi was sent to the US, where he lived in Allentown, Pennsylvania, as Jeff Naderi, until his father summoned him back to Afghanistan when Sayed Jaffar Naderi was about 15 years old.

In the 2005 elections, Naderi won first place in Baghlan with a total of 19,495 votes, and
was one of the highest-scoring parliamentary candidates in the country. In the 2005 parliament, he joined
the Oversight of the Implementation of Law Commission, and later the Central Audit Commission.

In Wolesi Jirga 2010 elections the Naderi family participated with the following members: Sayid Mansur, MP (Baghlan) former commander of an Ismaili militia and the current leader of Paiwand-e Maihani party), his son, former commander and former governor of Baghlan, Jaffar (Badakhshan), another son, Olfat (Baghlan), daughter, Farkhonda (Kabul), the nephew Sayyed Daud Naderi (Kunduz) and son-in-law, Hossamuddin Haqbin, who is not running under his in-laws’ name and rival to Sayyid Mansour, was disqualified for his failure to resign from his position in the MoD (Baghlan).

Commission (2012): Legislative

He is married and has five sons and six daughters.

Nadiri is the Head of his own Party: Hizb-e Paiwand-e Melli-ye Afghanistan (National Solidarity Party of Afghanistan) Leader: Sayyed Mansur Naderi Postal Address: Western Road, Taimani Square, Kabul, Afghanistan Telephone: 0799182016, 0799427689

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