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Kerami, Zubair

Name Kerami, Zubair
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth
Function/Grade CSMD Executive Director Civil Service Management Department
History and Biodata

2. Biodata:
CSMD Executive Director Civil Service Management Department

3. Biodata:
Kerami_ZubairMr. Zubair Kerami has built a distinguished career in the fields of institution building, capacity building, organizational reform and human resource management over a span of twelve 12 years in government and non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan, Indonesia, India and Pakistan. Mr. Kerami is currently the Executive Director of the Civil Service Management Department within the IARCSC. In this position he is responsible for overseeing the implementation of all CSMD business activities such as monitoring and evaluation, managing the resources, procurement/supply process, strategic and project planning, and monitoring of different projects’ implementation. Prior to his current role, Mr Kerami held a sensitive position in the IARCSC of Afghanistan as the Senior Advisor to the Director General of Civil Service Management Department and as the Head of the Strategy and Policy Development Unit. The professional work experience of Mr. Kerami facilitated his job requirements for this role, where he works very closely with Director General on issues and progress on assigned projects, including implementation, stakeholder concerns, and projects’ financial matters. Mr Kerami came prepared for this job academic-wise and experience-wise. Mr. Kerami earned his Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Business Administration from PIMSAT University of Pakistan and BA in English Literature from Kabul University, Afghanistan. In addition, Mr. Kerami undertook specialized short term and long term studies in Project Management, Development Management Studies, Strategic Human Resource Management and Manager’s Development Programme in UK, India, and Pakistan. Mr Kerami has gained international experience in non-governmental institutions in Indonesia in capacities as Human Resource and Recruitment Coordinator, seconded to India to support the regional HR functions and in Pakistan in capacities as capacity builder and coach. Mr Kerami worked in Afghanistan for Oxfam GB as Administrative and Human Resource Manager where he focused on establishment of administrative business systems and later as the Senior Human Resources Manager with Oxfam to lead and manage the HR of a huge development programme with over 300 staff and many regional offices. Prior to joining IARCSC mid last year, Mr Kerami was working with a large USAID program, ASAP and was also involved in freelance consultancy work. He was a shareholder of a consultancy and service company called The Lead in Afghanistan. He has done successful consultancy work with institutions in area of Human Resource, Business Administration and Institution Building.

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