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Karimi, General Shir Mohammad Sher Sheer

Name Karimi, General Shir Mohammad Sher Sheer
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1945
Function/Grade Ex ANA General
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Lt Gen. Shir Mohammad Karimi, Sheer
Chief of Operations (2002 - 20100630),
Chief of the Army Staff (20100630 -20150522) )

3. Biodata:
karimiSher Mohammad Karimi son of Mohammad Karim, from Khost, was born 11. Nov. 1945 in Khost. He became the first Afghan to graduate from Britain's prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Following further military training and education from the top U.S. and European institutions, Karimi's credentials can stand with those of any military professional.

After the 1978 communist coup in Afghanistan, Karimi was arrested and incarcerated because of his Western education. Unlike many of his communist colleagues and the majority of the Afghan officer corps, he had never received training in the Soviet Union. Karimi was eventually forced into exile in neighboring Pakistan, where he lived until the demise of the Taliban regime in 2001.

Education: • Primary School: Sarban( Khost) • Military High School( Kabul) • Afghan Military Academy(Kabul) • Royal Military Academy: Sandhhurst (UK) • Infantry Advance Course, Ranger course, Special Forces Course. Airborne Course (USA) . • Counter Insurgency and Intel. Courses (India) • Commando Course (Egypt) • Kabul Commando Course (C)Kabul • CGSC (Staff Course A) Kabul • NDC (India) • Near East and South Asia Strategic Studies. NESA.NDU (USA) Assignments: • Platoon Commander, Commando BN • Company Commander • XO Battalion . • Battalion Commander • Adjutant Guard Brigade • G3 Division • DG2 Central Corps • DCS for Mobilization and Organization • Special Assistant to CoS and head of the Advisory Board. • Deputy Chairman for DDR • G3 ANA - Chief Operations.

Chief of the Army Staff Karimi was prmoted from lieutenant general to general (20101002) He is married and has three sons and one daughter. The older son and daughter live in Germany. The middle son is a doctorand, the youngest one is a military cadet at the Italian Military Academy in Italy. Wolesi Jirga rejected Nominee for the Ministry of Defense Sher Mohammad Karimi with 112 votes, 96 votes in favor, 26 blank, and seven invalid.(20150128)

Karimi retired. (20171118)

Karimi has a US Passport.

Languages: Pashto, Dari, English (fluent)

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