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Kapisa PC 2009

Name Kapisa PC 2009
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Council Kapisa Members 2009 PC
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Provincial Council of Kapisa has nine seats each, with three reserved for women.
1 Haji Mhohammadzai 5975 9.7%
2 Ghulam Din Mohammad 5054 8.2%
3 Noor 2932 4.8%
4 Gul Ahmad 2706 4.4%
5 Mohammad Hossein Khan Hussain Mohammad Hussain Sanjani  2699 4.4%, Provincial Council Head (20101113) escaped unhurt in a remote controlled bomb attack in Mahmood Raqi, capital of Kapisa Province (20130221)
6 Khwaja Ghulam Mohammad Zamarai 2502 4.1%
7 Razieh Saadat 957 1.6%
8 Shukria 818 1.3%
9 Sima Matin 817 1.3%
10 Najibullah Rahimi (20101022) was arrested by security forces on 20130405 on suspicions that he was distributing large amounts of money to people who have not been identified, the provincial council chief Mohammad Hussian Sanjani said.

Kapisa Provincial Council Members’ biographies

1. Muhammad Hussain Sanjani:
Son of Sharbat Khan, Muhammad Hussain Sanjani is born in 1963 in Kapisa’s first Kohistan district at Sanjan locality. He could not get higher education because of incessant fighting and war in his country. However, he got graduated from high school. He spent most of his time in Jihad. He serves as head of Kapisa provincial council.
2. Commander Gul Muhammad:
Commander Gul Muhammad is the son of Fazal Ahmad. He is born in 1963 in Sher Khan Qala area of central Kapisa. Because of relentless fighting and war, he too, could not get education as he was active in Jihad against Russia. Now, he serves as deputy of provincial council.
3. Najibullah Rahimi:
Son of Colonel Nusrat Khan, Najibullah Rahimi is born in 1976 in Taghab’s Anarjoi locality of Kapisa. He completed his education from Ghazi Usman High School. Now, he is the student of law and political science at Al Bairuni University. He is the secretary of provincial council.
4. Khawaj Ghulam Muhammad Zimri:
Khawaj Ghulam Muhammad Zimri is the son of Khawaja Rohullah. He is born in 1986 at Kala Naw village of second Kohistan district. He got educated from Muhammad Tahir High School in Kapisa. He earned his degree in education from Al Bairuni University.
5. Haji Muhammad Shahfi Hakimi:
Born in the first Kohistan district in Namaz Jai village in 1966, Haji Muhammad Shahfi Hakimi is the son of Abdul Haleem. He completed his education from the Sher Khan Khail High School. He also took active part in Jihad against Russian.
6. Dr. Farooq:
Son of Abdul Qadoos, Dr. Farooq is born in the Mulla Abd-u-Rasool Dukannu village of first Kohistan district in 1953. He studied in Mir Masjidi High School and then completed his higher education from Kabul University. He served as commander during Jihad days.
7. Mrs. Shukaria Nasiri:
Shukaria Nasiri is the daughter of Sar Buland. Born in 1976 in Najrab district, she studied upto High School.
8. Mrs. Razia Sadaat:
Daughter of Habibullah, Razia Sadaat is born in Kham Zargar village of first Kohistan district in 1977. He earned his degree in education from Al Bairuni University.
9. Mrs. Sima Matin:
Mrs. Seema Mateen is born in second Kohistan’s Regrawan village in 1981. She earned her degree in education from Al Bairuni University. She was also member of provincial council during the previous tenure.   


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