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Kalakani, Dawood Daoud Haji Mohammad

Name Kalakani, Dawood Daoud Haji Mohammad
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1963
Function/Grade Ex Provincial Governor Samangan
History and Biodata

Haji Muhammad Dawoud Kalakani
Phone: 0700281955

1. Former Governors Samangan
Haji Amir Latif (200604),
Abdul Haq Shafaq (200606),
Qazi Enayatullah Enayat Anayat Inayatullah Inayat (20071117 - 20100400),
Khairullah Anush (2010413, 20130209-20150605)
Mohammad Hashim Zare (20150606-20161119)
Abdul Karim Khedam (20180216)
Abdul Latif Ibrahimi (2018021, 20180418, 20200713)
Haji Mohammad Daoud Kalakali (20200707, 20210407)

Deputy Governor Samangan Province:
Ghulam Sakhi Baghlani (20080922, 20120718, 20130000)
Mustafa Rassouli (20120519)
Akhtar Mohammad Khairzada (20130924)
Mohammad Asif Azimi (202002) Dr. Abdullah appointed
Dr. Ziauddin Zia (20180218, 20200423)
Sefatullah Samangani (20210809)

Governor's spokesman:
Muhamamd Siddique Azizi Mohammad Sediq Azizi (20110111, 20200713)

Director Provincial Department of Economy:
Ahmad Farid Khuda Jo (20110420)

Public Works Director:
Eng. Zia Humayoon (20111110, 20130209)

Director Provincial Afghanistan Natural Disaster Management Authority:
Rajab Ali Yousufi (20110420, 20120519)

Director Provincial Agriculture Department:
Abdul Razzaq Rahimi (20110509)
Mohammad Noor (20111010, 20120409)
Syed Rafiullah Roshanzada (20120221)
Rural Rehabilitation and Development Director:
Mohammad Asif Daulat Shahi (20141230)

Provincial women affairs department Director:
Mrs. Khadija  (20110925)

Director Hajj and Auqaf Department:
Abdul Saboor Nadeemi (20111019)
Director of Irrigation Department:
Eng. Abdul Rasoul (2012)
Director of Public Health Department:
Dr. Abdul Hamid (2012)
Abdul Khalil Musadiq (20200712, 20201129)
Director ACRS:
Mohamad Hosain Eshaq Zia (2012)

Dr. Abdullah appointed Mohammad Asif Azimi as governor of Samangan province and Mustafa Mohsinsi as governor of Baghlan on February 24. Government’s governor for Samangan is Abdul Latif Ibrahimi and for Samangan, Abdul Qadim Niazai.

Mohammad Seddiq Azizi, spokesman of Samangan governor, said that Azimi was living in Zhwandon valley, 10 kilometers from the the provincial capital and Abdul Latif Ibrahimi was doing his job as governor.

“Governor appointed by Stability and Partnership team has no formal activities, he only walks with a number of armed supporters but has no any influence on government organs,” he said.(20200310)



2. Previous Functions:
Political officer in Division Eight for two years
Wolesi Jirga Member 2005 MP MNA Kabul
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Kabul reelected
Provincial Governor Samangan (20200707)

3. Biodata:
Kalakani_DawoodHaji Mohammad Dawood Kalakani was born 1963 in Kalakan District, Kabul Province. He lives in Kabul's 17th police district. Kalakani finished his secondary education at Mir Bacha Khan High School in Kabul in 1980. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science from Payam Noor Univeristy of Kabul, which he completed in 2009.

Kalakani is a former Mujahideen commander. During the war, he became the Political Officer of 8th Military Division. He fought in the jihad against the Soviets.Kalakani is a member of the Hizb Dawat Islami Afghanistan. He was a member of the Committee on International Affairs in Wolesi Jirga 2005.

Commission (2012): International Affairs.

Kalakani has been affiliated with the “Reformist” group in parliament. He is a supporter and member of Sayyaf’s election office. Abdul Rab Rassoul Sayyaf who will support Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in the second round of 2014 presidential election.(20140601)

He is married and has four sons.

Kalakani speaks Dari and Pashtu.

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