Afghan Biographies

Kakar, Lal Agha Kaker

Name Kakar, Lal Agha Kaker
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Mayor
History and Biodata

Mayor Jalalabad City Mayor Nangahar Province:
Lal Agha Kakar (since spring 2007, 20110120, 20121226). Local Nangarhar provincial officials confirmed that a bomb blew up Jalalabad city Mayor Lal Agha Kakar's car on Sunday. The Mayor was not in his car when the explosion occured and was not hurt, however, his driver who was in the car was seriously injured. (20130901) Attaullah Ludin, The governor of Nangarhar, complained about the inefficiency of the mayor. Kakar was sacked 20150220.

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