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Kakar Tribe

Name Kakar Tribe
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Southern Afghan Tribe
History and Biodata

Kakar Tribe: Descended from Qais through Gurghust, the Kakar are primarily found in present-day Baluchistan, where they still make up the majority of indigenous Pashtuns. In the sixteenth century, the most famous Kakar to-date, Sher Khan (“Lion King,” later to coronate himself Sher Shah, or “Lion Emperor”) served the first Mughal emperor Babur as governor of Bihar in present-day India before rising against Babur’s son, Humayun, and essentially taking over the Mughal Empire. Only after Sher Shah died was Humayun’s son Akbar able to restore the Mughal dynasty. Thus Sher Shah was arguably the most powerful Pashtun in history. The Kakar divisions include Musa Khel (including Shamsheer Khel), Zulfo Khel, Ya’qub Zai, Jadraam, Sargarai, Saam Khel, Taaran, Jalal Khel, Khatan Khel, Charmi Khel, Targharai, Yunus Khel, Isa Zai, Da Marhbado Khel, Hussain Khel, Surani, Makran, Tafoot, Pandaar (Pindaar), Zanakh Zai, and Sher Dad. In Zabul they primarily inhabit the Southern districts.

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