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Kabuli, Najibullah Najebullah Haji

Name Kabuli, Najibullah Najebullah Haji
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1971
Function/Grade President Amroz TV
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Wolesi Jirga Member 2005 MP MNA Kabul

3. Biodata:
Kabuli_NajibullahNajibullah Kabuli was born 1971 in Kabul and was a Member of the Counter Narcotics Committee in the Wolesi Jirga 2005. He is an Independent MNA. Haji Najibullah Kabuli was a critic of President Karzai but is supporting him now (20091125). Kabuli is the president of Amroz TV Emroze Emrooz Emros Imroz . The Commission for Media Complaints and Violations has accused Amroz TV for broadcasting “happy and entertaining songs” during Moharam — the lunar month in which the martyrdom of Imam Hossein took place (20090325). Fahim Kohdamani, the manager of Amroz TV, was therefore arrested. Kabuli is not linked to Warlords.

Addressing a press conference, Najibullah Kabuli, who was also a member of the Wolesi Jirga [Afghan Parliament], accused Sima Samar of involvement in corruption, saying the revelation was part of the NPF campaign to expose corrupt officials. Kabuli alleged Dr. Sima Samar received bribes from warlords, removed their names from the list of war criminals and converted AIHRC into a safe haven for outlaws and human rights violators, besides embezzling international funds (20091205).

Imroz which was closed by government on July 27, 2010 for inciting sectarian tension and threatening national unity. He has led several protests in the past against Iran, which he accuses of interfering in Afghanistans domestic affairs. Imroz owner Kabuli has defended his actions saying he gives a voice to the people. His movement against Iran was intended to protect the rights of Afghans, he said. Kabuli said the closure of his TV station, Emroz Imroz Imrooz Emrooz, and the complaint with the ECC showed the influence of Iran in Afghanistan. "My struggle will not end with the closing of Emroz or the delisting of my name from the candidates' list," he said. Media commission officials said on 20100806 the ban on transmissions of a private channel was illegal.

Secretary of the media complaints commission Shah Mahmood Ziarmal told said the TV channel would be allowed to start transmissions after the assurance that it would not promote issues coming in contrast to religion or national interests. He said the cabinet decision was illegal, adding that it was not the jurisdiction of the cabinet to take such decisions.

Haji Najibullah Kabuli the owner of Imroz TV said the television channel was closed by members of the cabinet who are supporting the policies of Iran. A demonstration in Kabul against Iran's current fuel-blockade was led by Afghan Ex MP Najib Kabuli on 20110107, who has organised similar protests against Iran in the past. Kabuli is the head of the National Participation Front (NPF). The National Participation Front was established in july 2009 and according Kabuli it has the backing of over 60 political parties and over 150 social and civil society organizations.

Information and Culture Ministry spokesman, Zaryalai Nawabi, said the decision on allowing the Imroz TV to resume transmissions had been taken by the Council of Ministers 20101004. The channel was banned in early July 2010 on the charge of broadcasting programmes that fuelled tribal and communal differences and damaged national unity.

Nabil Miskinyar, a 60-something journalist, is a  Afghan-American journalist regularly appears on his California-based Ariana Afghanistan Television and comments on the war-torn country's current affairs and political past. Miskinyar claims that on September 12, 2011 he was picked up for lunch by four men, including Najibullah Kabuli, owner of the private Emrooz Television channel. The two had set up the appointment through a common friend who had proposed cooperation between their fledgling stations. Miskinyar says that after a lavish lunch, he was forced at gunpoint to conduct an interview with Emrooz telejournalist Fahim Kohdamani. In a press statement on September 16, Miskinyar claims that he was asked to confess that that he was an American agent, a supporter of Pakistan, and anti-Iranian. He says he had two guns pointed at him at all times.

Kabuli said "I think he arrived here to get money from the leaders that he used to insult [on his TV shows]," Kabuli says. "He thought that he would show to them that he will keep silent in future in return for their payments. And that's why he chose my television for a confessional interview. But afterward he saw that the leaders were not impressed and didn't give him any money. So he accused me to get something or to get fame. I think this speaks about his motives."

The National Participation Front (NPF) head Najibullah Kabuli on 20120304 accused the Iranian Revolutionary Guards of plotting to assassination him, but the Iranian embassy in Kabul dismissed the claims as baseless. Kabuli, head of the National Partnership Party of Afghanistan, has long been criticizing Iran for interfering in internal affairs of Afghanistan.

The leader of Jabaha-e-Musharikat-e-Milli [National Participation Front], Najibullah Kabuli, accused Abdul Rashid Dostum and Haji Mohammad Muhaqiq of receiving money form the neighbouring countries, especially Iran and Pakistan. "The leader of National Front, Ahmad Zia Massoud, has a symbolic role and both Dostum and Muhaqiq want eruption of civil war and they work to fulfill Iran and Pakistan’s interests," said Najibullah Kabuli. Dostum and Muhaqiq spent 500.000 dollars in the provinces to divide the country, he claimed, adding that Jabaha-e-Musharikat-e-Milli had no coalition with the National Front. However the National Front strongly rejected these allegations and termed it as lies.(20120604)

Hezbe Musharikat-e-Milli led by Najibullah Kabuli on 20140604 announced their support to Ghani for the second round of presidential election 2014.

Najibullah Kabuli was wounded in an attack in Kabul city late on Tuesday night, May 23, 2017. Kabuli sustained injuries during a gun battle triggered by an explosion. A magnetic bomb was initially detonated near the vehicle of Kabuli which resulted into a brief gun battle, leaving Mr. Kabuli wounded.

The incident took place in the vicinity of the 7th police district of the city. Afghan intelligence said earlier in 2012 that a group of suspects were arrested as they were planning to assassinate Kabuli.(20170524)

The police forces in Kabul have arrested former Afghan MP Najibullah Kabuli on charges of kidnapping a businessman, the security officials said Sunday Apr 22, 2018. According to the security sources in Kabul police commandment, Kabuli was arrested from the vicinity of the 4th police district of the city. Kabuli is currently the leader of Musharikat-e-Millie Party. He was wounded during a shoot out and explosion in Kabul city nearly a year ago (2017).

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