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Kabul PC 2009

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29 Provincial Council Kabul members. 9 seats for women.

Final Certified Provincial Council Results 17-Dec-09 03:30 PM

Vote Order Candidates Name Votes%
1 Nasrudin Haji Baryalai 9086 2.1% 2 Haji 5563 1.3% 3 Mohammad Asif Forough 4578 1.0% 4 Mohammad Dost Rahimi 4221 1.0% 5 Sayed Shah 4202 1.0% 6 Muhammad Ali Mohammadi 3938 0.9% 7 Mohammad Yunus Malakhel 3852 0.9% 8 Khalqdad Gorge 3839 0.9% 9 Hotak 3762 0.9% 10 Gholam Reza Ramezanzadeh 3482 0.8% 11 Taj Din Bahrami 3211 0.7% 12 Adel Khan Akakhel 3189 0.7% 13 Amyraldyn Haghpanah ځاځی 3164 0.7% 14 Haji Rafi Ullah Gul Afghan 3024 0.7% was elected in Meshrano Jirga 2010 15 Seyed Mojtaba Hashemi 3008 0.7% 16 Bdalfhym Rashid 3001 0.7% 17 Qari Sayed Omar Hotak 2850 0.7% 18 Qari Bachah John Mnyb 2773 0.6% 19 Nematolah S·hak 2631 0.6% 20 Mohammad change Chakryar 2606 0.6% 21 Haji Abdul Hamid Sajjadi 2483 0.6% 22 Farideh song 8421 1.9% Faridah Tarana? 23 Masouda Ansari 6589 1.5% 24 N. Mojahed Sadat modest 3730 0.9% 25 Tour Pyky Ptmn 2680 0.6% 26 Anys·h Shahmaghsoudi 2598 0.6% 27 John part goals 2344 0.5% 28 Allahdad Shirzad Sharifa 2242 0.5% 29 Emotion 2139 0.5%

Kabul provincial Council Members’ biographies:

Following are the biographies of 29 provincial council member’s including eight female members.
1- Alhaj Nisaruddin Baryalai: (Head of Kabul Provincial Council)
Son of Mahtabuddin, Baryalai is born in 1961 in Bagram district of Parwan. He is graduated from Al Taqwa High School. Earlier, Baryalai was head of Baryalai Jahani Construction Company and served as a brigadier general until 2009 in Ministry of Interior. He is politically associated with Jamiat-e-Islami Party.
Contact No: 0799300267
2- Sayyed Mujtaba Hashimi: (Assistant of Kabul Provincial Council)
Sayyed Mujtaba Hashmi is the son of Sayyed Muzaffar Shah. He is born in 1972 in Tangi Saydan village, district Chahar Asyab of Kabul province.
He has qualification of bachelor degree from Katib Private University. Hashmi is married and has seven children. Earlier, he was head of Sayyed Safa enterprises.
Contact No: 0777200000
3- Mrs. Anisah Maqsoodi:
Daughter of Sher Hassan, Anesah Maqsodi is the resident of Kabul city. She has bachelor degree in law and political science.
She has three children. She served as gender specialist in the independent election commission. She is politically affiliated with Hizb-e-Wahdat and successfully made her way in both tenure of provincial council.
Contact No: 0700173679
4. Alhaj Samar Gul:
Son of Alhaj Adam Khan, Alhaj Samar Gul is born in 1950 in Hotkhail area municipality district nine of Kabul city. He was an independent contender for the provincial council election. Samar Gul has eight children.
Contact No: 0794444000
5- Qari Sayyed Ummar Hotak:
Qari Sayyed Ummar Hotak is the son of Alhaj Ghulam Saeed born in 1971 in Hotkhail area municipality district nine of Kabul city. He is graduated from the faculty of Islamic studies. Hotak is married and has nine children.
Contact No: 0700162774
6. Maroof Hotak:
Maroof Hotak is the son of Faramoz Khan. He was born in 1978 in Hotkhail area of municipality district nine of Kabul city. He is a graduate and has five children. Earlier, he served in civil society’s organization in different capacities.
Contact No: 0700162774
7- Alhaj Amir-u-ddin Haqpana:
Son of Alhaj Gulab-u-Din, Amer-u-Din Haqpana is born in 1943 in Zazi district. He has master degree in faculty of engineering and technology. Haqpana is married and has eight children.
Contact No: 0777355221
8. Qari Bacha Jan
Qari Bacha Jan is the son of Mir Padsha. He was born in 1953 in Istalif district of Kabul. The graduated Pacha Jan is graduated in Islamic Studies. He has 11 children. Earlier, he worked as an employee of Kabul Education Department.
Contact No: 0797831080
9. Adel Aka Khail
Adil Aka Khail is the son of Alhaj Toar Gul. He was born in Qarabagh district of Kabul. He is graduated from Habib High School in Peshawar in 1979. Earlier, he served in military as artillery commander in north of Kabul.
Contact No: 0777230751
10- Mohammad Asif Farogh:
Son of Mohammad Nabi, Mohammad Asif Farogh is born in 1968 in Meer Bacha Koat district of Kabul province.
Contact No: 0774197650
11-  Mohammad Ghubar Rahimi:
Son of Abdul Momin, Mohammad Ghubar Rahimi is born in 1968 in Mir Bacha Kot district of Kabul province and currently lives in Kabul city. He completed his 12th class and then worked at chamber of commerce and industries. Rahimi has six children.
Contact No: 0788830777
12-  Sayyed Shah Khan:
Sayyed Shah Khan is son of Badiullah. He is born in 1964 in Hisa-e-Charam district of Panjshir province. He is a 12th class graduate and has four children. Earlier, he had carpet export business.
Contact No: 0799311832
13-  Mrs. Ziba Safa:
Ziba Safa is the daughter of Aham. She is born in 1983 in Daikundi province and currently lives in Kabul. Ziba is student at Dunya University and has two children. Earlier, she worked as head of eastern zone in local governance organs. She contested election as an independent candidate.
Contact No: 0773370359
14-  Mohammad Younis Mula Khail:
Son of Mohammad Yousuf, Mohammad Younis Mullah Khail is born in 1982 in Baraki Barak district of Logar province. He has bachelor degree qualification from Kabul University. Mullah Khail is married. He worked as director at Ministry of Water and Power.
Contact No: 070024996
15-  Abdul Rashid Kalakani:
Abdul Rashid Kalakani is the son of Abdul Maroof. He is born in 1959 in Kalakan district of Kabul province. He has education up to 12th class and severed in the rank of brigadier general in military. Kalakani has three seven children.
Contact No: 0775570990
16-  Abdul Fahim Rashid:
Abdul Fahim Rashid is the son of Abdul Rashid. He is born in 1979 in Mir Bacha Kot district of Kabul province. Rashid is the student of Tabish private University. He has four sons. Earlier, he worked at a disable section of SARF.
Contact No: 0789196594
17-  Mrs. Gul Jan Bakhshi:
Daughter of Jan Mohammad, Gul Jan Bakhshi is born in 1965 in Rakha district of Panjshir province. Currently, she lives in Kabul province. She has bachelor degree in faculty of science from Kabul University. Bakhshi has three daughters. Earlier; she worked as a teacher at Isteqlal High School.
Contact No: 0799740626
18- Mrs.  Fatimah Allah Dad:
Daughter of Abdul Ali, Fatimah Allah Dad is born in 1979 in Surkh Parsa district of Parwan province. She is graduated from literature faculty and worked as an employee at government and private sector at different posts. She has four children.
Contact No: 0773068032
19-  Ewaz Charikari:
Ewaz Charikari is the son of Mohammad Hashim. She is born in 1969 in Shiber district of Bamyan province. He is graduated from 14th class of Islamic Studies and worked at ministry of trade and commerce. Charikari has seven children.
Contact No: 0799346124
20-  Mrs. Mariam Ahmadi:
Mariam Ahamdi is the daughter of Sayyed Qalander. Shah was born in 1976 in Jalrez district of Maidanwardak province. Currently, she is lives in Kabul city. She has graduated from Language and Literature Department of Balkh University. She has four sons. She served as head of Women Social Organization.
Contact: 0785973771
21-  Mrs. Torpekai Nawabi:
Torpekai Nawabi is the daughter of Nawab Khan. She was born in 1960 in Sorkh Rud district of Nangarhar province. Currently, she lives in Kabul. She completed her higher education in the field of electricity at Kabul Mechanic Institute. She has achieved diploma in the field of business and management from India. Ms. Nawabi has served in different civil Society organizations as well. She is unmarried.
Contact: 0799211382
22-  Mrs. Nargis Mujahid:
Nargis Mujahid is the daughter of Mohammad Hassan. She was born in Chahar Kent district of Balkh. She now lives in Kabul city. She has graduated from Khatm-u-Nabiyeen University. She is unmarried and is the youngest member of the provincial council.
Contact: 0787204828
23-  Ustad Musa:
Ustad Musa is the son of Mohammad Rahman. He is the member of provincial council member.
Contact: 0706030084
24-  Mohammad Ali Mohammadi:
Mohammad Ali is the son of Mahram. He won the elections in 2009.
Contact: 0700276798
25-   Niamatullah Sahak:
Niamatullah Sahak is the son of Haji Ahmad Jander. He was born in Sarubi district of Kabul province. He won the elections in 2009.
Contact: 0799217975
26-  Ramazan Zada:
Ramazan Zada is the son of Haji Ramazan. He won the elections in 2009.
Contact: 0787603049
27-  Tajuddin Bahrami:
Tajuddin Bahrami is the son of Khuda Bakhsh. He won the elections in 2009.
Contact: 0773378897
28-  Abdul Hamid Sajjadi:
Abdul Hamid Sajjadi is the son of Mohammad Hassan. He won the elections in 2009.
Contact: 0777007700
29-  Mrs.  Farida Tarana:
Farida Trana is the daughter of Haji Abdul Wahid. She was born in 1982 in Herat province. She immigrated to Iran when she was young. She completed her 12th class in 2002. Ms. Tarana served as head of Khwaja Abdullah Ansari Organization in Mashad city of Iran. She was interested in music in young age. She practiced music with Jalil Del Ahang (an Afghan musician) for two years when she was 12 years old. After change in political landscape of Afghanistan, she returned to her hometown Herat and started studying music under the leadership of Ustad Jawad Tabish--- a known classic Afghan musician.  In 2006, she took part in Afghan Star Program being run by Tolo Television, which was very difficult for every Afghan woman. In a move to take part in parliamentary elections, she resigned from Kabul Provincial Council. 

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