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Jurat, Din Mohammad Gen Haji

Name Jurat, Din Mohammad Gen Haji
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1963
Function/Grade Ex presidential Advisor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Adviser to the Vice President (2004)
Owner of Khawar Security Company (2007)
Head of the MoI intelligence (sacked Jan 2007),
Deputy of Minister of Tribal Affairs and Border 2010)
Senior Adviser to the President and Deputy of the National Security Advisor’s Office (20171212-20181002 fired)

3. Biodata:
jurat_din_mohammadDin Mohammad Jurat Din Mohammad Jurrat, s/o  Bismellah Khan Jurat, was born Jan, 15, 1963 into a respected family in Panjshir, northern province of Afghanistan. General Deen Mohammad Jurat is an ethnic Tajik from Panjshir and an educated person who was born in Rokha District Panjshir Province. Jurat was a commander of Ahmad Shah Massoud. Jurat studied elementary school in Samangan and Jawozjan provinces while his father was serving as a government official in these provinces and attended high school in Rokha district of Panjshir valley. He completed his higher education in the college of Abu Hanifa Ghazi.

When the first communist coup took place in Afghanistan Jurat father’s Judge Bismellah Khan Jurat was serving as Deputy of Education Department in Kandahar province. The Communist regime arrested and jailed General Jurat’s father in suspicion of having connection with Anti Soviet Movement  Mujahedeen. Following his father arrest, General Jurat joined the Anti Soviet Movement and became a senior commander of Ahmad Shah Massoud in the valley of Panjshir.

Later, in 1982 Jurat was captured and sent to prison by Communist army after losing a battle against the Soviets  in Panjshir. Jurat was among many prisoners who were freed on an official pardon issued by Communist regime and joined the Mujahedeen again after his release. In 1984 General Jurat’s father Judge Bismellah Khan among his seven friends were executed by Communist regime.

Having no one to look after the family Jurat moved to Pakistan with his family and resettled in Peshawar city. Soon Jurat got involved in educational programs for refugee children in Peshawar camp and later became the deputy and the head of Olympic organization in Peshawar city and authored a monthly paper for educating youth outside of Afghanistan.

After the defeat of Communist regime the Mujahedeen took the power and Jurat was appointed as The Deputy Public Security of Kabul city by Ahmad Shah Massoud who was the Defense Minister of the time and during that time General Jurat studied Police Academy.

After Taliban invasion, Jurat was appointed as Area Chief of Security that were included north of Kabul, Parwan and Kapisa provinces. Following the fall of Taliban,  Jurat was appointed as Chief of Public Security in Ministry of Interior. Jurat provided security throughout Afghanistan in the first two years had a significant and important role, and for the first time he removed the night code from Afghanistan police system and paved the ground for people to move around freely without any tension. Jurat also served as an adviser to Vice President in first round of President Karzai government.

Besides his official duty, Jurat build a high council for Panjshir province and he was selected by the council’s member to leads the high council for the people of Panjshir province.

In 2010 Jurat was appointed as the Deputy of Minister of Tribal Affairs and Border Affairs by President Hamed Karzai.

General Din Mohammad Jurat is accused of a range of criminal activity (including the murder of a man whose wife he wanted for his own), Jurat had been described to Human Rights Watch in 2003 as a "maniac" and "dangerous." He was a Northern Alliance Warlord. In 2007 he was the head of Khawar Security Company, a former warlord and a big supplier of personnel to USPI. His company was closed down. Guards from Khawar, the largest Afghan security company, beat up the Attorney-General in a road-rage incident north of the capital (2007). In one case, an interior ministry investigation found that a company called Khawar, which was owned by a brother of General Din Muhammad Jurat, himself an interior ministry official, employed more than 1,000 guards and owned 998 weapons, though the company had registered only 654 personnel and 400 weapons.

A son of General Deen Mohammad Jurat has been killed in a gun fight with the supporters of Haji Rahim Puri in Kabul.(20141231)

President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has sacked Din Mohammad Jurat as his senior adviser and deputy of National Security Council.(20181002)

Ahmad Tamim Jurrat was a candidate in the election of Wolesi Jirga 2018.

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