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Joyenda, Sima Mrs. Seema Joinda

Name Joyenda, Sima Mrs. Seema Joinda
Ethnic backgr. Aimaq
Date of birth 1971
Function/Grade Ex Deputy Governor
History and Biodata

Mrs. Sima Joyenda Sima Joyanda Seema Jowenda
Phone: 0798101836


2. Previous Functions Mrs. Sima Joyenda:
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Ghor Ghowr
Provincial Governor Ghor (20150628-20151220)
Deputy Governor Kabul Province (20151221)

3. Biodata:
Joyenda_SeemaSima Joyenda, daughter of Mirza Gul Aqa Khan, was born in 1971, in Firoz Koh district of Ghor province. Joyenda finished her primary and secondary education at the Tega Temor High School of Ghor province in 2005 and received her fourteenth class certificate from the Teacher’s Training Institute of Ghor in 2009.

Joyenda has worked with women’s organizations, specifically with programs contributing to capacity building for women. She worked as a teacher under the Taliban rule and taught underground courses for girls. After the fall of the Taliban, she continued to work as a teacher at high schools in Ghor province. She has worked in governmental offices, including the Governor’s Office in Ghor and the Rural Development Department. She has also worked in nongovernmental offices, particularly as a provincial trainer for a semi-governmental, rural development organization for over two years, working towards building women’s capacity in Afghanistan. She participated in the Emergency Loya Jirga in 2002, as well as in the Constitutional Loya Jirga in 2003.

Joyenda was an unsuccessful candidate in the 2005 parliamentary election, winning 3785 votes.

Commission (2012): Religious and Cultural Affairs, Education and Higher Education

Mrs. Jownenda has also served in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD). Joyenda  says she has received death threats from armed strongmen and fears for her life.(20151019) Sima Joyenda told RFE/RL on October 18 that "armed commanders," who she called "bullies," have made the threats.
Joyenda was appointed deputy governor of Kabul province, where the capital of Kabul is located, effective immediately, according to Nadir Yama, deputy policy director of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance. Munera Yousufzada, the IDLG's spokeswoman, denied that the authorities had forced Joyenda to leave her post in Ghor but would not elaborate further on the sudden relocation to Kabul province. Ghor has been the scene recently of gruesome killings of women accused of "adultery," including one who was stoned to death by a group of men in November 2015.(20151217)

Joyinda said she was ousted as Ghor governor by the government under pressure from corrupt and powerful people and land grabbers. “Since assuming office as Ghor governor, I strongly fought against such people and my honesty led to my ousting,” she said. As part of her anti-corruption campaign, she had referred deputy governor, revenue department head, and admin-finance manager of the governor’s house and procurement head of police headquarters to the prosecutor’s office. “I received a call from IDLG and was told that I am appointed as a new deputy governor of Kabul and another person has been appointed in my place as part of the administrative reform process. I don’t accept the new position,” she asserted. Civil society activists gathered in front of the governor’s house in Ferozkoh, the capital of Ghor, to voice their support for Joyinda.(20151218)

Jouyenda accused her deputy Amin Tokhi of Involvement in fraud and irregularities in development projects, saying her deputy has embezzled more than $ 100 million in development projects. She noted that her deputy was introduced to the general attorney but after her dismissal, her deputy appointed as acting governor. „Amin Tokhi is said to signed many contracts unlike his authorities and embezzled more than $ 100 million,” Jouyenda said. Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s Independent Directorate of Local Organs says that no written was submitted to them regarding the embezzlement of Amin Tokhi.(20151224)

She is married and has eight children.

Joyenda speaks Dari,  Pashto and English

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