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Jowzjan PC 2009

Name Jowzjan PC 2009
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Function/Grade Provincial Council Jawzjan Members 2009 PC
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Juzjan Mavlavi Abdul Hai Hayat, Maulvi Abdul Hai Hayat head of the Provincial Council (20100427, 20111122)

Final Certified Provincial Council Results: 17-Dec-09 03:30 PM
Vote Order Candidates Name Votes%
1 Maulvi Abdul Hai Hayat 11,199 9.5%
2 Maulvi Mohammad Nabi Ayubi 4707 4.0%
3 Juma Pahlavan Mohammad 3338 2.8%
4 Haji Baymrad 3143 2.7%
5 Seyed Azizollah "Ulfati" 2829 2.4%
6 Abdol Hai Hayat 2,727 2.3%
7 Mrs Nabia Muztfazada "Mustafa Zadeh" 7212 6.1% (Provincial Secretary 20120526)
8 Mrs Firoza "Qureshi" 2419 2.0% (was also Provincial Council Deputy 2005)
9 Mrs Farah Diba, Shahrzad 2146 1.8%

Farah Diba and Firoza Quraishi failed to visit their constituencies for nearly two months, have angered the public and their colleagues.(20120503) Quraishi denied being absent and said she was in Kabul to attend legal cases to handle flood related issues and other problems.

Jawzjan Provincial Council Members’ biographies

1- Maulvi Abdul Hai Hayat, head of Jawzjan provincial council.
Son of Haji Diwana Qul ,  Maulvi Abdul Hai Hayat is born in 1970 in Baba Ali village in Sheberghan province. He is head of provincial council. He received his bachelor degree in Uzbek and English Literature/ Language from Jawzjan University. Previously, Hayat had membership of provincial council. Earlier, he served as a religious education instructor. He had political affiliation with National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan headed by Abdul Rashid Dostum. He had greater support of his party in almost every election’s campaign.
Contacts:0786230300- 079961656
2- Mrs. Nabiya Mustafa Zada, council’s secretary:
Daughter of Mustafa Qul, Nabiya Mustafa Zada is born in 1977 in Sheberghan city of Jawzjan province.He received his bachelor degree in Uzbek and English Language/ Literature. Earlier, she served as instructor and worked at private Aina TV.
Currently, she is secretary of the provincial council of Jawzjan and an active member of the National Islamic Movement.
Contacts: 0799124319- 0788810711
3-Abdul Qadir Malia:
Son of Haji Abdullah, Abdul Qadir Malia is born in 1977 in the center of Qarqeen district.
He is now student in the department of Law and Political Science in Amir Alisher Nawai Universtiy in Sheberghan city. He has political affiliation with the National Islamic Movement. Prior to his membership, he did not serve in any government or non-government organization.
Contacts: 0771135456- 0787769720
4- Mohammad Jumah Pahlawan:
Son of Cholai, Mohammad Jumah Pahlawan is born in 1961 in the center of Khamab district of Jawzjan province. He studied his primary school at his home district.He has politicla affiliation with the National Islamic Movement. Earlier, he was a tribal elder.
Contacts: 0775401799
5- Mrs. Firoza Quraishi:
Daughter of Muhammad Ismail, Firoza Quraishi is born in 1985 in Dawlat Abad district of Faryab province. She is graduated from General Hakim High School. She had provincial council membership in the previous term. She has no political affiliation with any political party.
Contacts: 0799470010 – 0786721373
6-Maulvi Muhammad Nabi Ayoubi:
Son of Haji Abdul Hai, Maulvi Muhammad Nabi Ayoubi is born in 1982 in Yozbigai village of Darzab district in Jawzjan province. He received his bachelor degree in religious education from Pakistan. He is an active member of National Islamic Movement. Earlier, he served as a teacher at a Madrassa.
Contacts: 0787384881- 0786679453
7-Abdul Hasib Bostani:
Son of Abdul Ghafar, Abdul Hasib Bostani is born in 1978 in the Darzab district of Jawzjan province.He is graduated from a high school. Bostani is member of Islamic Party headed by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.
Contacts:  0772445169
8-Maulvi Obidullah Nasrat:
Son of Sayed Ajan, Maulvi Obidullah Nasrat is born in 1948 in Yangai village of Arigh city in Sheberghan.  He received his religious education in an informal way and then served as head of a court and head of Hajj and Auqaf. He discharged his duties as a teacher in a Madrassa. Currently, he is member of provincial council. He has political affiliation with Jamiat-i-Islami headed by late Burhanuddin Rabbani.
9- Mrs. Farah Diba:
Daughter of Agha Jan, Frih Diba is born in 1985 in Sheberghan city. She graduated from Khadijah Jawzjani High School. She is membership of provincial council. She did not serve in any government or non governemnt organization. Also, she has no political affiliation with any political party.
Contacts: 0798474652

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