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Jigdalak, Muhammad Anwar Jigdalek

Name Jigdalak, Muhammad Anwar Jigdalek
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions Anwar Jigdalak Jegdalek Jegdelek:
Mayor of Kabul (2003),
President of National Olympic Committee NOC (2005),
Adviser to the President on Youth Affairs (2006),
Minister for Parliamentary Affairs (2009),
Provincial Governor Kunduz Konduz (20110204 -20131104)

3. Biodata:

Jigdalak_Anwar_GovernorMohammad Anwar Jigdalak, was a former national afghan wrestler (1970) and later NOC President and Kabul mayor, (since 2003 an) has been sacked by President Karzai amid complaints of bribery and land-grabbing by senior government members (2004). He was at the center of a land scandal in the upmarket Sher Pur area in Kabull. Mr Jigdalak is an official of the Northern Alliance which dominates the government. Later he became Head of the NOC. Here also he embezzeled hundreds of thousand Dollars. Former head of the Afghan National Olympic Committee Muhammad Anwar Jigdalak who was recently entrusted as new minister for parliamentary affairs has officially taken charge and commenced ministerial activities on 3rd Jan 2009. In 20110103 he was appointed Provincial Governor Kunduz Province.

Mohammad Anwar Jegdalek, warned that he would resign if the Government continues to ignore his province.(20121114)

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