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Ahmadzai Tribe

Name Ahmadzai Tribe
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Pashtun Ghilzai Sub Tribe
History and Biodata

AHMADZAI is the last name of an extended family tree, which belongs to one of the larger Pashtun tribes, the Ghilzai. Ahmadzai is one of the classic Kuchi (nomads) tribe. Although majority of the sub-tribes are settled in villages and small cities and communities, they still keep their nomadic identity in tact. In fact most people refer to Ahmadzai as Kochian. Its a title or nickname, which refers to their conservative character that is significant for Afghan nomads. The Ahmadzai tribes are spread all across Afghanistan. Also in Kunduz Province. Yet their accent which is a classic Kochiani accent is similar everywhere, with a root vocabulary of the Pashto language. In the last two centuries the Ghilzai Ahmadzai is devided in several large families and sub-tribes. Amongst them are: Musah Khel, Isah Khel, Taghar, Jabar Khel, Abu Bakr Khel/Babakar Khel/Bakur Khel and many other sub-tribes and assimilated tribes like Maruf Khel and Bato Khel is large in Ahmadzai. Musah Khel, Isah Khel and Taghar still have nomadic sub-divisions, unlike Jabar Khel  Abu Bakr Khel. In the course of history, the Ghilzai Ahmadzai has developed itself as a prestigeous tribe. The reason for that is that it use to have strong leaders and a very primitive war-monging character. They use to be a very powerful. In fact, the Abu Jabar Khels are refered to as "Khanan" ( "Lords" or Aristocrats). Even in present time, there are many tribesmen who own hundreds of hectares of fertile land across the country. The former president of Afghanistan, Dr Mohammad Najibullah, and the good leader is Haji Sayed Khan Ahmadzai and also Aziz Khan Ahmadzai are among the famous people of the tribe.

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