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Jaghori District Ghazni Province

Name Jaghori District Ghazni Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Jaghuri District Ghazni Province Chief:
Khudadad Irfani, Hizb-i Wahdat, Native of Jaghori, Orfani was a jihadi commander with Hezb-e-Wahdat Islami party. No known link to criminal groups (20060400-20100000),
Zafar Sharif (20101020, 20110616, 20120901, 20150815)
Mohammad Amin (20130818)
Zafar Sharif (2010 - 20181112)
Khan Ali Radmand (20200401)

Jaghoori District Ghazni Province Police Chief:
Bashi Habib
Ishaq Ali, Hizb-i Wahdat, Native of Kabul Province, Dashtee Barchi district, No known link to criminal groups (20090400)
Abdul Wahid Kohistani
Police chief of Jaghori district and its head of crime unit were dismissed because of rape allegations (20200427)

Jaghori and Malistan Districts of Ghazni Province are dominated by ethnic Hazaras. There is little Taleban Activities in these two districts. Mohammad Amin (20130818) Jaghori is home to the Hazaras; an ethnic group that constitutes 20%-25% of Afghanistan's population. They speak Dari with a distinct accent (called Hazaragi). The literacy rate is among the highest in the country, and there is a noteworthy library of around 5,000 books in the capital, Chil Baghtu. The average number of people per household is 8. The entire district is primarily Hazara, however Kuchi nomads travel through the area in spring and autumn. This has caused significant conflict in 2007-2008 as in other areas of Afghanistan

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