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Ibrahimi, Abdul Rauf Haji Rawoof Raoof Ebrahimi

Name Ibrahimi, Abdul Rauf Haji Rawoof Raoof Ebrahimi
Ethnic backgr. Uzbek
Date of birth 1960
Function/Grade Ex Wolesi Jirga Member 2018 MP MNA Kunduz
History and Biodata

1. Former Speakers / Chairmen of Wolesi Jirga:
Yunous Qanooni (2005 - 2010)
Haji Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi (20110227, 20181220  )

2. Previous Functions:
Director of Sherkhan Bandar Dry Port (1993)
Wolesi Jirga Member 2005 MP MNA Kunduz
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Kunduz reelected Konduz Kundus
Speaker / Chairman Wolesi Jirga 2011 (20110227, 20181220)

3. Biodata:
Ibrahimi_Abdul_RaufHaji Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, Alhaj Abdurrauf Rawoof Ebrahimi, Rawoof Raoof Ebrahimi, son of Haji Shir Khan, was born 1960 in Hazrat Imam Saheb District, Kunduz Province and is member of the Ibrahims Clan, a predominant family in the Imam Sahib district in Kunduz.

He received primary education at Basus Middle School in Imam Shabib District and then studied at a Madrasse until 12th grade in Takharistan, Kunduz. He was accepted to study literature at Kabul University, but before he could begin his education, he was arrested by Soviet troops for allegedly cooperating with the mujahideen. He was released with the help of his friends and tribal elders and started at Kabul University in 1979,  just at the start of the decade-long Soviet invasion.

When he returned to Kunduz in 1982, he was jailed by Soviet troops for a second time because his brother, Abdul Latif Ibrahimi, was a jihadi commander in Hizb-i-Islami Afghanistan. Latif Ibrahimi is currently being investigated for corruption and misuses of power during his time as governor of Kunduz and Takhar.

Haji Rauf  the brother of Abdul Latif Ibrahimi and earned a reputation as a commander, heading the border police Kunduz in Imam Sahib. He was allegedly a mujahideen commander affiliated with Hezb-i Islami during the Soviet-Afghan war.

Ibrahimi fought with Hezb-e Islami during the jihad against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s, a group that is currently one of the three main insurgent factions battling Western forces in Afghanistan. He later joined Uzbek warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum, but is now associated again with the political wing of Hezb-e Islami. He has also backed, at various times, the presidential election campaigns of both Karzai and his main rival, Abdullah Abdullah.

At the end of the jihad he was assigned as the Director of Sherkhan Bandar Dry Port in 1993. He was subsequently appointed as the commander of the third Southern Border zone. After the Taliban regime collapsed, he worked as the Commander of Border Forces.

Ibrahimi was elected to parliament in 2005 with 8,849 votes. He was a member of the Internal Affairs commission during this term.

Imam Sahib is situated on the border with Tajikistan. It is a fertile agrarian district and moreover a key hub for the drugs trade. Accordingly, the district is strategically very significant. Thus the Ibrahimis rule the district in a quasi-feudalistic way and control access to economic resources. Ibrahimi bagged most votes (7.171) in Kunduz during Wolesi Jirga Election 2010.

Linked with the Ibrahimi Clan is the Kunduz Province based Ibrahimi Behishti Construction and Road Building Company. Jada-i-Azadi, Next to Department of Foreign Affairs, Kunduz City. Kunduz Office: +93 (0) 799 578 299 Tel (2): +93 (0) 772 214 604  Email: ibrahimbeheshti(at) This Company holds certifications from GTZ and UNOPS and is registrated since Jan. 2006 with AISA under No. D-2376.

Addul Rauf Ibrahimi was elected as the new Speaker for Wolesi Jirga on Sunday, 27. Feb. 2011 with a majority vote, allways a month after the Wolesi Jirga's inauguration. He replaces Yunous Qanooni. At the first glance he is a relatively weak speaker, who's not firmly in the opposition. He seems to have worked with everyone, so he was perfect  for consensus. But it may be premature that he'll be much easier to push around than Qanooni, much more influence-able. Ibrahimi is allways good for surprising moves.

Ibrahimi participated in the Emergency Loya Jirga in 2002.

Abdul Rasul Ibrahimi on 20130313 lost his father and elder brother to a suicide attack that killed another four people during a buzkashi game in the Imam Sahib district of northern Kunduz province.(20130313)

Ibrahimi’s brother-in-law (wife’s brother) has been shot dead by Tajik border guards while illegally crossing the Afghan-Tajik border in Kunduz province. 25 kilograms of narcotics were reportedly found on the spot.(20150609)

A number of Wolesi Jirga members (MPs) on Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 claimed that corruption allegations against parliament’s speaker, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, and parliament’s head secretariat, Khodai Nazar Nusrat, must be investigated.(20170925)

Some of President Ashraf Ghana Ahmadzai’s critics in Wolesi Jirga: WJ Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, Ali Akbar Qasimi, Abdul Rahman Rahmani. (20171015)

Speaker Ibrahimi was asked to repay over five million Afghanis. “It is suggested that the parliament’s speaker has to repay 5,399,045 Afghanis – as he spent on purchases for office equipments and hotel,” said, Erfanullah Erfan, the head of a probe commission. Parliament’s Speaker agreed to pay the amount. “I don’t have any argument with the commission’s decision, I spent these money in security sector that includes T-walls and… I am ready to repay the money,” Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said. (20171104)

The only allegation in Ibrahimi’s case that proved to be true, was that he unlawfully spent 5.4 million Afghanis (around 78,000 USD) from the Wolesi Jirga’s budget to purchase some carpets, furniture, electrical appliances, security devices and home appliances for his houses.

The commission thus recommended that the speaker reimburse only the money he unlawfully spent on furnishing his house and guesthouse, and Ibrahimi was ordered to pay back 5.4 million Afghanis. (Ibrahimi eventually agreed to pay back the requested amount.) The fact that speaker Ibrahimi agreed to pay back the money he had illegally spent from the budget (Tolo reported on 30 December 2017 that he still has not re-payed the amount) all indicate that there were at least grave irregularities in the dealings of the Wolesi Jirga Secretariat and that these involved the speaker.


Alhaj Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi received 2,986 votes in Wolesi Jirga 2018 election and got a seat in WJ 2018.

He presently supports Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai.(20200312)


He has two wives, six sons and eight daughters.

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