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Hussaini, Najiba

Name Hussaini, Najiba
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1967
Function/Grade Ex Meshrano Jirga Member
History and Biodata

Najeebah Hussaini Husaini,  2005 appointed and reappointed 2011  to the Meshrano Jirga
Mobile: 0093 700 283 420
Email: najiba-hussaini24(at)

2. Previous Functions:
Teacher in Daikundi Province,
Ministry of Women Affairs General Manager of Research in Directorate of Law,
Judical Reform Commission Member,
Meshrano Jirga Member 2005MP MNA Daikundi appointed
Meshrano Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Daikundi reappointed
Elected first secretary Meshrano Jirga (20100200)
Meshrano Jirga Member appointed and replaced 20180829 by Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani

3. Biodata:
hussaini_najibaNajiba Husseini Husaini, daughter of Haji Khadem Khadim, was born 1967 in the Shahristan district of Daikundi province. She completed her primary education at Spin Adey School in Kabul. She graduated from Zarghuna High School in 1984. She then entered the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at Kabul University, where she completed her bachelor degree in 1988 with an emphasis on the courts and judiciary.

Fleeing the fighting in Kabul, Sen. Husseini returned to Dai Kundi to teach at a girl school. In 2002, she was appointed as the general research director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Women's Affairs. On the basis of a Presidential Decree, she was appointed as member of the Justice and Judiciary Reforms Commission and worked on reforms of Law and Justice and Judiciary trainings from November 2002 to September 6, 2005. Afterwards, she returned to her post in the Legal Department of the Ministry of Women's Affairs. Husseini traveled to South Korea in 2002 at the invitation of the Koika Organization. In the same year, she participated in the Rome International Conference for securing aid for the Afghan justice system. She also traveled to Germany in 2004 to participate in a seminar on the Development of Afghanistan’s Economic Law.

Husaini is single.

She speaks Pashto, Dari and a little English.

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