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Hirawi, Ahmad Zia Siyamak Heravi Hiravi Herawi

Name Hirawi, Ahmad Zia Siyamak Heravi Hiravi Herawi
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1968
Function/Grade President's Office Deputy Spokesperson Spokesman
History and Biodata

Siamak Herawi

2. Previous Functions:
Editor of the government-run daily Anis (2004),
Deputy Spokespersons of the President's Office (since 2005),

3. Biodata:
herawi_siamakSiamak Herawi was born 1968 in Kabul where he went to Habibia School  til 1984 and latercontinued his studies in Stavropol where he graduated 1991. In 2004 August, Ahmad Zia Siamak Heravi, then editor of the government-run daily, Anis, resigned citing extreme pressure on his professional independence. According to Heravi, his attempt to turn the newspaper into an independent professional media organization was considered unacceptable with constant efforts to undermine him. Heravi resigned, but being well-connected, had secured a job as a media specialist in the office of Javed Ludin, former spokesperson to President Karzai. Such were the limitations imposed on him while working for Anis that Heravi has said he feels much freer in the media wing of the presidential secretariat.

President Karzai’s Deputy Spokesperson, Siamak Herawi, was dismissed from his post, and was appointed to an unannounced post in the Foreign Affairs Ministry.(20130107)

Herawi speaks Russian and Dari.

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